Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bench Fix Salon Haircuts


But what the hell is it for? There was already
MSN? I mean, what was the need to bring out even immoda this shit? At a time when reality shows reign supreme and where everyone seems about 25/35 years can no longer do without knowing who whimper on an island or those who have found a mole in the garden (no, tell me you!), we also lacked a degenerative Feisbuk this bitch! Well, folks, I really wonder the years 2000. There is thick, there's an original idea ... but we want to talk about the fabulous '80s? At the time, and until the advent of the Internet, people went out and actually meet and whether it was in abstinence of sex (because, come on, we do not take the piss, this is the engine also faces book ...), went to BACCAGLIARE seriously ... not now. Now you ask someone that E 'GIA' if your friend wants to be your friend on 'I'm fucking feisbuk. But we're all stoned to throttle or acid rain were based ecstasy lately?
In reality, part of a phenomenon "social" that is bringing people together! But I say, but if I wanted to keep in touch with my classmates in high school, in your opinion, did not know how? Maybe I do not mean that some 'de decorations unless they have their news, right? And then this rubbish that people send me: "I elected feisbuk best friend", "find out what cartoon you are", "you also join the group not abandoned dogs " ... but to what end, I'm sorry? Half of the rubbish and then starting with "Those who ..."! I do not really bring myself to believe that the whole world is bent and stooping to this mess ...
Once many years ago, I was a kid, I went with the boys to buy the "maps" to us then the reeds, in view of last year. The bartender Quarrata who knew us, told us: "vu icché want? Maps? Pe 'let us icché? But go oaks du fie, rather, go."
quell'omo now thinking, I can think of that when he was young reeds maybe there already but he did not smoke because it was stuff that went in other rooms (?) and that his only interest was to go and ask the girls to make love as we used to say. So, sorry, had no reason to answer that? Oh the maps we had, was a tobacco mica ... but we sold them! Great! Then I
"those who feisbuk" should go to lick 'du' fie or going to fall upon some beautiful mature fuck ... those are the reality that it would take!


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