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Where is Love?

In these days of Christmas I worked a lot. Even yesterday morning .... even to Santo Stefano. Then in the afternoon are collapsed in bed. The me 'mom woke me up at 19 if I was not straight! At that point I called the Giaconella that was unfavorable to the 'on' man and I've got set to go for pizza by Mary Vernio. The legendary Giaconella presented with a sheepskin coat and red backpack. A dinner with us are also put Mary, Sara and Claudio he has done with me and the postman Giaconella in October. The family of Mary, when he opened the restaurant is all there: the mother, father, aunt, Sara ... a band! They are all very good and I do not mean in terms of local management, but of character. Maria, I never once unfavorable view, except that it was tickets to the U2 concert. The Sara and Claudio seem to see peace and joy, she never s'incazza with him and always smiling, the mother of Mary is serenity personified. In short, they put you at ease. After dinner, the laughter is gone in a hurry to Cavarzano. Maria invited me to his house and so, for the first time I climbed in the royal apartments. We set on TV and tried to light a fire as we watched the end of "The Usual Suspects." I felt a sense of dejavu as if that was their nightly routine, and those they had occupied their usual places and I seemed to have been a part even if there had never been.

On Christmas Eve, like every year me and Maria and other friends, we went by the Boers at home to exchange gifts. Maria gave me an enlargement of this photo:

's me and you, this summer in Hong Kong. After I ruled out the paintings of Boers appeared to Hong Kong. We were watching "Batman - The Dark Knight."

But Maria and I had Ale and a gift to Elisir photos we snapped a few days ago, while we were at dinner at Don Quixote with Francesca:

Bellina true? I think the strength of a gift is in what evokes such as a photo taken with people you love and with whom you are well. Where is the love? Here. In these images. That does not necessarily have to think about love between two people and believe that we should try to be happy that one issue, otherwise you have "failed the mission." Love is everywhere and it is true that there are many types of love and many ways of loving. You always think that those who find "soul mate" and then get married and makes us children, a family is lucky because in this person's life there is love. To be honest I do not feel less fortunate than those who are married or engaged since for forutna, in fact, even in my life there is love. It comes from people with whom they are not boyfriend and goes to the people with whom they are not married. They are friends that fill my life and I love.

Among the bullshit that comes to e-mail one day I received this nice little story in which I immediately I identified one of the characters. To you tell me which one. I assure you that it is not difficult and if a little 'I guess now you know the look ... the answers on the comments votre! Very good Good year-end and New Year to you all with the people you love! Where


Madness decided to invite his friends to have coffee with her.

After coffee, Madness suggested: "You play hide and seek?"
"Hide and seek? What is it? "- Asked the sights.
"Hide and seek is a game. I count to a hundred and you hide. When I finished counting, I will try and find that the first will be the next count. " All accepted except Fear and Laziness.
"1,2,3" - the crowd began to count. The
quickly hid before, where it happened. The Shy, timid as always, he hid in a group of trees.
Joy ran into the garden. The pain began to cry, because he could not find a suitable corner to hide. Envy joined the Triumph and hid behind a rock beside him. Madness continued to count while his friends were hiding.
Despair was in despair, seeing that the crowd was already ninety-nine. "CENT! - Shouted the crowd - I'll start looking. " The first to be found was the Curious, because he could not keep from going out to see who would be the first to be discovered.
Looking on the one hand, Madness saw Doubt on a fence that did not know which side you would be better nascosto.E so on found the Joy, Sadness, Shyness.
When all were assembled, the Curiosity asked: "Where is the Love?". No one had seen. The crowd began to look for it. He tried in the top of a mountain, river rocks below. But I do not find love. Looking everywhere, Madness saw a rose, took a piece of wood and began to search among the branches, when suddenly he heard a cry. It was Love, who cried because he had a thorn pierced his eye.
Madness did not know what to do. He apologized, begged for his love and forgiveness came up to promise to follow him forever. Love accepted the apology.

Today, Love is blind and Madness always with him.


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