Monday, January 26, 2009

Stripped And Humiliated Sorority Hazing


Maybe it was my next, imminent travel destination ... no, it's just that I saw this film at your pathetic Vis tonight and as always, I give you my opinion even if I already know that there I could care a lentil dry ... but this is it! So what about ... sucks. And I could be so wonderfully concise to finish it here, but it remains difficult not to waste a few minutes of sleep to remind myself that I should not ever going to see the movies with a film that Kidman "The Hours" has not put more on a decent film. Mah! And I believe that I even went JUST to see me a bit 'of Australian landscapes ... well throughout the film we see three mountains, sunsets and 100 kangaroos 4 / albe...a about the sunsets, the scene that I most hated is that of a baobab tree in the middle of nowhere and illuminated by red light of a beautiful sunset Aussie. Under the Baobab her, Kidman backlit ... you remember anything? The Scarlett O'Hara that "swear before God and God is witness ..." same light, the same scene only instead of the baobab was an oak tree and in '39 there was a painted backdrop. Which, given the media war and then the door was passable. But with the powerful media of today, the million backdrops and scenes reconstructed ad hoc fintume to give it a whole movie, which is a shame. Of course I did not expect a documentary about Australia but not all the cut scenes and replace bad that there are worse (glasses and bottles by magic, from one scene to another by voids filled back, in a scene shirts that are stained and Next are neat, starched and ironed, etc.). The film does not take off, and although the 2 hours and 45 eventually also be flown (not to my neighbor that his wife whenever he felt it tugging snoring) I was not convinced at all. Wednesday will be the turn of Milk ... of course I will let you know that my views impatiently waiting ... GREEDY!
I leave you with something that on one hand I see after the farce of cheers tonight, and that in some way binds me to the two previous post. Group of judges who were to race on Sunday January 25 at Siena ... all true, this time, no backdrops or extras, to the limit ... the one who died ACCOUNTS unfortunately could not come ... Mythical Gandalf, will be for the next one!


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