Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vintage Suitcase With Wheels

POLL: The mysterious disappearance the Philippine ... Milk

great gathering of the team this morning (we were a 40in athletes PAP!) Sesto Fiorentino at the pool for the traditional 25-meter sprint race. Grande absent Simon is not able to come because, he says, had an exhibition in Frankfurt ... now I ask you, and please tell your:

"Why is always a show when Simon which has the c ' is a race? "

papabile ANSWERS:

A) Why are not his sprint race and has invented the excuse of the show to avoid disfiguring

B) Because of exhibitions means

C) Why is cryptic and Simo "I can not, I have to go to a show in Frankfurt," we really wanted say: "I can not, on that Sunday there is no one named Frank, is muscular and strong and already I know I will break, yum yum!"

Please vent all your imaginative solutions if there were others in mind.

I leave you with a photo I have taken in the style where I do most disgusting, that is to say frog. Seeing it does not appear, I know, but this is it!


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