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March 8, 2009 - PAP to Carrara

The morning of racing began early: 7 am to "baiadera." I came with the Fi-Pi-Li that is not Florence, Livorno, Pisa, but the acronym, as it were, the Philippines! the bar in the pool in Carrara, the first scene: I raise Brusotti back of the accounts that immediately turns around as if to say "I do not look at my ass, either." The Gestri not catch it again with laughter. Gandalf the good in the locker room / Conti, whiteboard in hand, we showed the "logic" to the smooth running of the race: the 4, 4, 2. Where the two were the judges of style in his thin the field mythical race ... Mark! Then the judges to their posts on the bathtub floor, had a diciottina! The races went well and one of the judges and athletes ... a good team spirit here is to steal a few moments you will say to the Jupiter (which, as you will notice, withdraw the belly), and Lety Belps. c'incastra This photo is not great but I like to put ...

short, a good gang as usual and people of holes in this way can not be that fun. Beautiful day.


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