Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brown Spotting 2 Days After Period

PAP ... back in action!

Dear Sguerguenze aficionados, we're back in the saddle ready to bite this summer. The PAP, a little 'mom and a little' slut as always, does not say no to anyone, and so this year has been enhanced with "pearls" Pupillo and SuperPao as well as black pearls, less common and more rare as Mowgli. But we move on to things and palinsensto interesting races this summer that once again, as always, the Old Glorious Travesano the Strait of Messina, and challenging the dreaded Super Marathon Etruscan Baratti but also newcomers like the Cup to be held in the beautiful Sicily in Favignana September. But we jump from the Aeolian archipelago Toscano and more specifically in the beautiful Lily Island, aka the Island of Giglio proposes that this year the second edition of the Trophy of the same name and on Saturday 13 becomes even LEN Cup at the 5 km. On Sunday 14, disputerranno instead of 2.5 km. If you do not remember the raid that the PAP did last year at the Lily, click here to refresh the memory . This is because if in the group photo of last year there seem to many, this tour ... we have children! In short, the famous word of mouth has worked this year and new members have joined together to watch the adventures of Gandalf and co. In reality there will be two departures this year: one planned for Friday at 12.45 (point by Jupiter!) And another small contingent for Saturday afternoon. To expect there will be YOU, the monk seal's most famous summer, seen last Sunday in front of the Torre di Giglio Campese. Sign that the waters of Lily are healthy and they deserve the recognition granted by 5 sails Legambiente and Touring Club Here are the participants in the 2009 edition trasfertona Giglio!

The Fast and the Furious on Friday are:
Bini Giannetto that will be the "Charon" of trasfertona. With powerful capabilities of Bini & Bi (ki) ni Management will take us to Porto Santo Stefano. Note that the fleet is entirely renovated this year 2009, the Pajero has retired but ...

Leopard Meoni Cozzarolo namely, that trekking in * Castle on Saturday evening will be "trusted Sam."

Schiappetta Simona Filippini , also called Bellipolpacci, aim to improve the 5 km time last year.

I, ie "Jean's" for the trek to the Castle * I will be "Mr. Frodo!"

Sara Throop or "the fastest jaw in the west" ( for Slim : Multicentrum pills in addition to bombs that we rimpiatti for you, put a couple of sleeping pills: When appropriate the thrones will be sedated!).

Graziano Mowgli Conte, the stranger came from Maori people, bred in captivity and now the promise of PAP.

LoSmilzo Claudio Di Lauro , even for him the target will be improve time last year.

Susanna Ricci whose motto is: "not to have the fluff on the mattress ... you fuck!" Password craft of sleep.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, the best for last: Marco - squartabudella - Conti, that trek to the Castle * will again assume the role of " Gandalf the wise. "

The Pink Ladies on Saturday are:

the Eleonora Celli from Scarborough with Furore: yesterday today syncronette majorette ... and do not tell you what to use as a stick!

Stefania Calamai said sculaccianguille, phlegm and frown in a coppery green helmet.

Paola "that the shooting a" Lombardi is: Try to get me.

Monica Wonder Gestri trunks, which, like the monk seal, belongs to a protected category: they are both re-appeared this year.

year climb Castle will be enriched by new members (read crazy masochists), all background information and photos on the next post.

short ingredients and there are all prerequisites for a full weekend of fun overall. Stay tuned to see what will come out!


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