Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Does A Dog Leash Work

Giglio 12 to 14 June 2009 Second Part

We had been foiled at the autopsy on the part of Slim Squarciabudella-Conti. The next day, as always, torque super-morning Gandalf Bini, woke up early to go for a breakfast / inspection. Slowly however, the other "athletes" were awakened and returned to life ... even if the Butted is hard to get up in the morning ... it is considered that in Prato our surveyor did not ever wake up before 11 and then goes direct way in Rome. Poor! Slim takes a superbomb immediately ... and go! arrived at the beach is Jean! and Gandalf were transformed by the courts and went to make pretending to do serious.
The rest of the Landing at faffing around. The races went well, I was at the third mark and indicate the route to the poor wretches of the agonists before and then the master. Really beautiful role, I felt, perhaps for the first time useful with the white jersey. After the race was marked by awards, baby food and cazzeggiano total as in the case of this train from improvised duo Ricci / Thrones or as in the case of synchro impromptu lesson with the group of judges, who laughs! In the meantime had come the Pink Ladies Wonder trunks with his superpowers, and Pao Super Sculaccianguille.

At 19 all ready for dinner ... ie: those who had not wanted to eat and affiliation in the NAP , went up to Lily Castle with the Shield, all the others, those enrolled NAP ( nerves ), have ventured Trekking in the castle: as I said, this year's new members!

The Fellowship of the Ring consisted of:

Jean Here!, Ie Frodo, Legolas
, in the world Slim,
Pepin, ie Giannetto
good S am / Coz Zaro,
the Spiritual Gandalf the Wise,
Aragorn, or super Bettinelli .

" A ring to flush them out, knackered for a ring, a ring and into the woods for accaprettarli inchiappe .... them!"

bands of FIN ....( and do not mean the Italian Swimming Federation).

Party on the trek to the castle. Beautiful as usual ... but exhausting. There are chest that you find yourself almost to his knees right there in the mouth and good Bini, decided to start pulling and turning in a 15! Result grondente him after two series, and the rest agonizzanate rattling in the rear. get this video during the first ascent!

The yellow tree with juicy ripe fruit was close though, so good this year even Gandalf thought to download it for the Fellowship of the Ring.

arrival at the Castle all at the table: notice the name on the reservation! Dinner photos galore.

Binimobile After dinner, all on the back.
Before going to bed is no time for a menage a trois in the apartment of women around the computer to insert SuperBettinelli that was the time for the race the next day.

Institute Light gives us a video about Young Balilla who go to bed. Males and females must Italic rest after busy day and for the second race on Sunday.

Sunday morning it was the turn of the 2.5 km of beach in Cannelle at Giglio Porto. Beautiful beach but small. Here are a few photos here and there. Part
the race to do twice a triangular course, good sea. I too have done this 2 mile, and if, the day before had been Celli to win the coveted wooden spoon, this is around ... that was me luck *!
After the race all again for a grainy Campese in the best tradition PAP! The rest of the time there are those who used it for a nap and who for the last swim. Women have begun to Giglio Porto in time to grate in a couple of shops. On the ferry, but there 'who was fooling around, who stoned the rosary and hope that the gulls did not cacassero in mind ...
and who was a siesta!

see this photo if Mowgli does not seem Butted and Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice ... same! I would like to point out the black glasses and those of Mowgli, will be brothers?

In this picture, however, Slim was disguised as Audrey Hepburn to avoid being found by the organizers of the race "Montalto Castro "in the boat and had told him it was repeated as invalid!

* About luck, I leave you with an overview of pictures about this close-knit group, it is true that he who finds a friend finds a treasure in a group so we are all filthy rich .... because in life we \u200b\u200bwant ass!
And here is the travel time at the end, Lily hello, hello shotfirer, Campese Pisellone hello, hello. ... See you next year and there is already talk of a lily seven days: 6 to 13 June 2010. Pap back to do damage ... keep in touch!


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