Monday, June 15, 2009

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Isola del Giglio 12 to 14 June 2009 First Party

Mah! What do I need to be '? I'm more and more I enjoy it more than I get tired I go back ... will the chlorine? No, it's mom PAP. When I enter the pool for a workout and I see those faces, those faces of delinquent pappisti, it's like back in the placenta. We're good, you feel surrounded, protected, are in a world that builds and destroys always just there. The others, those who are outside can not understand and is also a casino to try to explain it.
This time the Pap came back to Giglio Island and even there, in the transfers, re-creating the atmosphere. You feel like wrapped in a protective covering into which you can do whatever you want. In all Giglio was away, the work (and who is remembered to have a job?), the hassle, he / lovers, family, other friends did not PAP, not for lack of interest but because everything was so perfect, in the placenta c ' was all. There was ended when the lightness of the schools, the tasks were far away for the holidays too early August and then vociava: "Mom, I want to play holes", it Sbacchi the door and hello! So, we were long afternoons playing anything with the head every time wandering and inventing a new elegance capable of fun. The Fast and the Furious have Sbacchi the door on Friday at 13. The first to arrive in front of the house of Jupiter, with its powerful new half was the owner of the Organising: Mr. Bini Bini & of Bi ki ni Management. Then Jean Here! and following Slim, Susy, Gandalf, steel jaw, Schiappetta, Cozzarolo and Mowgli. Giannetto of the Shield were there: he, I, Mowgli, Cozzarolo, jaw and Slim. Gandalf on-mobile were him, I say no fluff Schiappetta and Al. So away we go. Cyane gave herself a car in the mouth with a second, especially after the throne ... cmq a break for coffee and ice cream Meo, we arrived to the beautiful Porto Santo Stefano. Ferry at 16.30, all on deck to scaniconi slippers, Sara saw the dolphins by all parties, the lanky was the direction of the Monk Seal, seagulls flying, in short: a zoo. Once in Giglio Porto side with the shield at a time of Campese. Just one look at the accommodation, then all beads on the beach. Bath, swim, sun ... nap. Waiting for a beautiful sunset Gandalf took the opportunity to remove the fluff of Susy dall'asciugamano then assume the role of dr. Squarciabudella delight in gruesome details of its work delicate ...

Mein shower and dinner. Ate has run like hell, although the pasta was salty plagued ... Slim and not very pleasing to rinse your mouth has been done to bring a chamomile, as you can see the slide ... When I saw this picture I took a hit: Now you tell me if this does not look like Slim dramatically Darrin to Samantha the Witch ... ie: the same!

for Mowgli, who is accustomed to sleep trees and naked, was a mess to adapt to a bunk bed, to which Slim apparently asleep inside a sarcophagus, but no ... the problem was to make it clear to Mark that Gandalf Slim always sleep well, because when she saw me in that position you put the gloves and was ready to open!
To be continued!


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