Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bart Simpson Chair Hit


morning attached to a letter box was this note ... when the cane is said to be ' gasse !
Instead, some time ago, a lady asked me something about a registered letter and she interrupted me while I was explaining it to him saying: "Sorry, mailman, but I trend of 'to be' the trend to the washing machine! "... And vanished! Mah!
Another Day instead, I was thirsty, and I opened a lady, I ask for a glass of water. After drinking thank you and she says:" But no thanks! The one with the most is not even Madonna. "
A man stopped me one morning to tell me that I had put to an error, a letter addressed to him in the box and the neighbor said," Be careful because there is RAISI "... then I realized he meant the Privacy!
During a swim, did not return the time of lane 3 with the order of arrival. Tiziana Zipoli Then he went to the timekeeper and asked him if he pressed late. The time trial he admitted that, yes, he had pressed late. The Zipoli said, "Oh guys, but y'know, if vu 'sbagliae dicéelo! " ... the series "Aimmen the Italian knows it."
Also in a swimming race, the starter gave the signal of "fine", saying "aaaaaa postooooo ... In short, there was two hours! Zipoli's husband, after hearing it several times, came to me told me "eh, a bit 'long in the has" , where the last "a" is here, object.
When I broke my tibia plateau and went to rehab, I remember one afternoon while I was there at the medical center, came a lady, Serena, the therapist asked, "So Jane, how are you today?" and this: "Evil, nini, I doggan the pulleys! " ... meaning the knees!
Another day was one that had problems at carpaccio ... nee carpal tunnel!
ricodo me, then that one day I went to mesticheria Mezzana to take stuff out. A lady, who was ahead of me asked the clerk, a man who seemed on the 50in was there for a century: "The feel, I hath been broken 'output knob, m'è out a deal but in a I find him. Pe 'riattaccallo that lives will it take? " And quest'omino: "Well, ma'am, if I was born witch, unn'ero 'hi." Great!
Now I do not think of any other, however, we come back, because, the Bestiary is growing.


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