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Alberto Fortis Great!!

"I hate all of you Roman ... sang Alberto Fortis several years ago. Controversy still not completed for this beautiful song that became one of his strong points ... but what controversy?! C'aveva reason, and to sell! Seriously, the Romans are nice, but taken in small doses, like those 5 minutes in the middle of the afternoon, that's it. It 's all a "Ao", "Anvedi ..."," But ghe is' to do'? "," I'm looking to'"... mah! And then last night a bus driver said: "ao, so 'I'm half an hour to' wait!", The driver politely replied "A beautiful ... there 'r traffig, there stand the world. " NO COMMENT! In practice UNNI I can! So just to regenerate all sti romanacci, I'll throw in a new place and new with many new sguerguenze from the mythical village of the World Rome 2009!
Yes, the mega huge project of the World Championships and has slowly taken shape, although many had reservations about the fact of its success, I must say that, thanks to the large manpower commitment in recent days, night and day, the giant machine of the 13th Fina World Champions, it is moved up and giving excellent results for now.
The dances are open July 17 with Diving, then yesterday was the turn of Sinconizzato Swimming and Water Polo Women today also began. For now, the standard by the masters the Russians and the Chinese. I am the Diving and I'm seeing some beautiful races live in the magnificent setting that is the Swimming Stadium at the Foro Italico. Other than the CVED could be planning to build a place like that. It seems that a place to host such important events: everything is great, hulking, palaces, roads, swimming pools and stadiums ... to go from virtually pisicna of Diving at the Olympic Stadium should leave at all. It will be hot, boh ... but when you arrive at the Olympic Stadium (home office volunteers) six practically exhausted. Here there is a cloud in the sky and that from the day of my arrival, the 13! I've seen bend gates and concrete melt ... a murderous hood who does not dim, indeed! Meanwhile, at Ostia, the wind and tides have carried off all the pier developed for the swimming competitions of the Fund which would result from today July 19. Ergo all postponed to establish. The Fund may depart to Ostia or perhaps to the lake. ( Message ----- code> in Fukuoka is crazy! E 'holes in this thing so that they do not know if you scratch your watch or download the ass! )
Last night while there was the Opening Ceremony in the beautiful Stadio dei Marmi. It seemed impossible to get tickets, of course, were given to dogs and pigs, and then, when one who has done more hours, the sun is there to remove the Yakult bottigliene (Fuck that brand is? From where does it come out? It 's the same one that also produces the Jaked? Suddenly appears from nowhere ... a title of a horror film and instead is the new concept of consumerism / tax: the Jaked The Yakult, Briatore, Naomi yesterday ... did not even know that there [... ah good times, as it was good!] and today, where you turn there are other and it seems there are also always been! I hate the 2000s.), in short, to make a deck now and then, here is that there are no tickets for you.
But back to the World Cup. I said the Opening Ceremony. Beautiful but, according to the romanacci referred earlier, a bit 'pale. But I say sorry a lot but you can do a ceremony with a narrator reading a story already Pallosa of his own, with a saccharine voice like that? And then LA but MARCUZZI!? Ie! BUT ... he did MARCUZZI as The Fear ... and then came the one we have seen more. Mah! Or this? The good-Claudio Baglioni-gonfione I sang the song of the new World Cup but above all he wrote 15 years ago, for the 1994 World Cup: Water in the water. Basically I had come to Rome to make him suffer to sing. The bastard did not sing in concert last night and never made a stink beast in describing it. A Vaffa Claudio ... but ...!
Allevi good as ever and the ballet really beautiful although a bit 'long, perhaps. Two things made me sad then: the first was the Parade of Nations (I'd like to spend about two words on the voice-overs that made the evening and nations, but that voice shit! It looked cool. With a poor English ... sad too). Did not show any athlete, with a few exceptions: and to think that the volunteers, FRIENDS, were slaughtered almost to rush to the door signs! And then, finally there was none. Another really sad thing was the choice to translate from the name of some nations. Category: Chinese Taipei! But who the fuck is that? What is it? Where is Chinese Taipei? But most of all the inhabitants of that country know to stay in Chinese Taipei? Well, I do not replied!
Another sad thing was Napolitano's speech. In my Giorgetto is dead but he does not know, that is not gliel'hanno said. Keep it alive for him to say these sentences in the cock. "I declare open the 13 th World Italian Swimming Federation." Oh yeah? Too bad that the World Cup and then under the auspices of FINA! But I was bothered because you see that nobody cares anything about swimming, including heads of state.
Dear friends if you have to give an opinion on the ceremony I liked. It will be the thrill of the World, will be that I was seeing two people with friends ... but I liked it. The ticket that I did was pinched for two people and I thought to say to Cristina Bianchi, Judge intl swimming background ... at least until now unemployed restoring the pier to Ostia / Bracciano. He then joined by Rita ... legendary! Today women's final
Synchronization: technical exercises in teams. They won the Russian, Chinese and English the second in line. The spectacular English .... but the Russians did not beat anyone! Then
diving. Too bad that both the Marconi Marconi Cagnotto and the other at the end, Sinai were left to just outside the podium. Great races and thrilling moments that really remains in suspense: the whistle of the referee and the water came into the athlete. It seems you spend eternity: and instead is a moment.
conclude my first speech from the Eternal City hot apologizing for not having Enter photos in the right places but the connection from the Mac Donald's in front of Rome Termini will not let me. HELLO!!


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