Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Prelude to 10 km

Dinner on Saturday night ... photos soooooo quiet. The best is yet to come! Stay tuned ... After dinner Jean
Here!, Fluff Jo, Skiappetta and buckskin-Bertelli, there's dying to strut Scarborough ... Aim to go to bed quickly on the boat Butted hoping to sleep peacefully in view of 10 km the next day. Well our Esperance and gone to hell because of the heat and the prostitute ... It should be snoring sleep hath been barely slept.
The Awakening has been devastating ...
... especially for me ...
... here are really brutalized!
Some pre-race photos.
The Meo forward with his head down during the first few kilometers, to turn the Dila. Here, instead Slim struggling against the harsh waters of Piombino shortly before the Cozzari ... Jean's background! that the boat watching the group of desperados! Although this is just a taste of the past and we just that there is still much to write and see, I inform you that Sguerguenze for a while 'stops view of the World Swimming Championships will be attending as a volunteer farmhand. During this time I will be almost impossible to update the blog! Ergo I expect you all in August ... but: expect new Sguerguenze also out of the blog ... You are well advised, especially the most "unfavorable."


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