Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scholarships For People With Hair Loss

breathe again!

After all this "hold your breath" I could UNNI and behold, after false and true, stories told by this and that, uffiacili phone from Rome, confirmations and denials on race days, assignments, shifts, whether or not the Opening Ceremony ... finally, it seems, that tomorrow he can go to these Benedetti World Swimming Championships. Rome will be able to hold this event? No, not the World Cup ... I mean my arrival!
Then the program is as follows. Arrival tomorrow afternoon and then Tuesday morning I sling to take his uniform at the Foro Italico, then soprallugo / compulsive shopping in the Olympic Village sling everywhere. By Tuesday night in round (15-22) and then from there on, I will work all afternoon until 18. Will be essential to convince my roommate to come and see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" of the show 22:30 on Wednesday ... but it tackles.
Seriously here we are at the gates with stones and I have yet to pack. Keep in touch: I carry the laptop in Rome and just two minutes I will update live Sguerguenze Roman ... new coming soon!
Meanwhile get this photo of a colleague who has become an international judge and went to Prague to make the European Swimming Championships ... Big Paul, you appear to be one not even you!


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