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I speak of this experience to the World Swimming Championships. I took a little 'time to digest it, metabolize it and then decide her vote. I would say a good 9. Although the first week I was excited to dive too much more! Divers are spectacular people, humble and quiet, gentle, I think. We were photographed, I gladly signed autographs and exchanged gadgets with us without problems. Swimmers not. The Pilgrims if the pull abbbbestia, Phelps made the first giving woman all the time in outburst because someone volunteers or athletes from foreign countries are allowed to ask for an autograph or a picture together ... Michelino go home! !
certainly will be remembered as the World Record, there were 43 in total. But also to Cielo Filho and his tears on the podium. Of course, even that of the talented Federica Pellegrini wins but that if the rolls. I do not know what effect it was from home, this World Cup but gave that idea to be there and live the bathtub floor, I assure you, it was a lust. I had a bellyful diving competitions, and already I loved this beautiful sport, but live from the floor with bathtub nose is exciting. Among the many tasks that we had volunteers from the board was also to bring athletes to the pre-race presentation. It was, during the live Rai, parade of athletes, expect them to be presented by the speaker and then came back. At the end of the three-meter springboard individual faeces aprifila with girls, there were Guo Jing Jing, Tania Cagnotto fianliste and other athletes. Daniel, the head of ceremonies, gave us the go when it was time to get the athletes to follow, all in a row, from a pool for the presentation. At that point, the speaker said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the competitors and it came with the music of a gladiator in the background ... goose bumps! I remember that day when they announced the name of Cagnotto

had to hold back the tears. It was magical moment. The stands were full and people tifava their athletes. A melting pot of colors and languages, physical features and folklore ... well pretty cool for me that I am a huge xenophilous born.

Among the many subsequent episodes, one that really I was glad it happened to live one of the first day. It was not yet match races, will be July 15 and was Zakarov Anton, a Ukrainian diver, was hurt while trying to heel a dip Now for the fortunate few who I do not know, I anticipate that I am a pain in the ass space. Able to smash the balls to coffee if I return something or should I come to get information. In fact, since the first day I entered the service, I split the balls of her mother Barbara Marconi Brothers, which together with Alexandra, was my responsibility to admit them in your head that I know speak English and French . But this information type gliel'avrò repeated 100 times a day, stuffed between the various speeches ... well, the day he was hurt Zakarov Anton, I was warming to the gym. Zhe is a friend of Chinese descent, who was also a volunteer, and tells me that Barbara wants me to go to the hospital with Anton because it must be remembered that the spokes and spoke English ... I wonder how did remember it! I did a race, I swear, if I took the time, wiped out the record of Carl Lewis! Check the pool and a type of first aid to me: "Are you Gian you?" I said, 'Yes, what happened? " "But that is you speak English?" And I said, "I learn English? Seriously? Very well." Type: "Ok then you have to come with us in an ambulance to the water vinegar because the athlete who wants to hurt himself the spokes." Now I wondered what does the English language with the Ukrainian athlete. Then I understood. After several saws that no one knew when the tests they had to pay the team or were charged FINA after this foot, apparently healthy and just peeled it still was filling with blood and after that, in a rough English, I tried to tell the masseur Anton Zakarov that we were informed who should pay for the rays, here is that, still no answers, is mounted in an ambulance. I, worrying passengers: "Hola, nosotros andamos center cones Water Sorrel, como para hacer el ray .... if it says shipping? Plate? Entonses not you worry!" In that state!! Cmq They were calm and smiling, and there, talking in Spanglish, I realized that the masseur was actually Anton Argentine by birth, but then transferred to Ukraine before the split of the USSR, before the birth Ukraine, in practice when the regime was still CCCP. At that juncture, through the traffic of Rome, 1000 calls have started to define who should pay the rays! I called Barbara and said: you pay the money then tirendo. Then he reminds me: No, and then do not pay the invoice to the FIN. The Center Coni I came in the room with Anton rays because the doctor did not speak a chip only lippa anything. During the rays behind the casottino went to the doctor because of radiation. Lover! Then I made the foot to treat poor Anton who were about to resign even bloody. Acceptance does not have stories or for what the bill or pe! We waited outside of a car Roma09 we were to return and, with volunteer to drive, we reported Anton and his coach, hotel. From that day on we became friends and we exchanged a lot of gifts and presents, the first gift I gave Ramon, the masseur was a pin with the symbol of the old CCCP, with hammer and sickle attached. Then I went to buy the pins 09 in Rome that he had asked me, then he gave me a matryoshka and I could not send them home without the biscuits of Prato. Biscuits, I must say, they went a bit 'all over the world. I had bought a lot 'as a bargaining chip. Various packages are then left for Australia, Fiji Islands, the island of Palau, the U.S., Canada and as mentioned, Ukraine. So there's a bit 'in Prato world. In return, I had pins and t-shirts or backpacks promised to post but not yet arrived. Anyway what matters is the wonderful experience that I hope to talk again which left me lots of good memories and a considerable wealth of experience but also the knowledge that you are then processed in good intentions: this winter I'm going to learn English !

Here the legendary Klaus Dibiasi Roma09 who was director of the industry.

with Francesco Man

with the great Carlos Calvo

and here I am with the Syncro-mate: Javier Illana, two very large characters and talented divers. Nicola Marconi

Here I am with Luca Sacchi

The legendary Tom Daley, who won the individual gold on the platform 10 meters in front of the Chinese.

Tania Cagnotto (bronze), the striking but humble Guo Jing Jing (gold) and Canada's Emilie Heymans (silver), after the award ceremony for the race by three-meter springboard individual.

This was the festival Maria Marconi (right) has organized for the divers. Francis Man From left, Frank and Tania Cagnotto Dallapé.

But undoubtedly this world will be remembered by me, by volunteers, by experts, athletes and all teams in general, as the World Water BOTTLE of Yakult. It will have been drinking a staggering amount, the boys fillers provide them refuge in the fridge is not that ended the BOTTLE. In Rome, no jokes have been 40 degrees every day and still part of the athletes who could go in, for us poor people, forced to be constantly in the sun, was an ordeal. Personally I have no idea how much water I have stocked BOTTLE teams in the stands during the race days for diving. rank of every two dives you robbed the fridge and leave for the administration. There was no one to refuse!

Mitica bottle of Yakult, I will always remember this wonderful experience!


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