Friday, August 21, 2009

Wording For Engadgment Congratulations


They always say that "in very difficult times," I did this or that, I thought something no more thought ... but then no one can really know if it's true or not. I am experiencing the time is not suspected of a future event. So now I want to do a tribute to Veronica Santini, ie the daze that from here on will be Stordy!
Wonder of speech, spelling mastery of embroidery, but sharp anthology of ironic term of endearment. All this and much more in the story of Donna Stordy back from the deep south. Now that they are very difficult times can I say, before anyone read it and everyone will like me a bellyful of laughter that this law will also be a tribute to the courage and madness Stordy, I loved you!
I speak to who is mentioned with grace, humor and ironic wit between the lines that gave us Stordy: Do not take yourself too seriously, the irony is great thing but here is an estimate of the Treaty, and who is mentioned more and sharper with descriptions, has estimated Stordy, of course. Great
True, I read your story aloud in a shady little bar frequented by people (Meo and Katrina) and even though neither ion (note the accent) the Tinti knew what to expect from those pages, we've enjoyed a lot (NOT notice the accent). The Meo was a bit 'focused on himself (with the accent) and has followed hot on the pieces that interest him most. The Pupillo laughed at himself (the accent I say NO!) And its intestinal flare-ups. Stordy Brava!


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