Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Sunday night when I brought home that stangana dell'Eleonora and she fell to the car, I only heard for the first time in four days. A very strange feeling because these 4 days we have lived together Lily and the rhythms of real NAP. Also this year, more than a trip to Lily was a school trip ... What a laugh! In the 2010 edition
nothing monk seals, only great if they were chips and acce nuns ----> see orange dress at the beach!
No, there were monk seals, but only the humpback ... Stordy, you missed several episodes ... for example:

The start of the It should always be home, was anticipated, as announced last year, to Thursday to enjoy this island better than in June is even more beautiful and of course to make even more mess. Also this year we have increased and from the start there were new recruits and if last year to thicken the ranks of pappisti arrived Mowgli, Super Pao and Medusa Antonio Pupo, we drove around this "Spallasbilenca" Hello, Laura "zipilli" in Ciccio Fabini, Sara Biffoni blonde girl and last but not least Luke "Chain" Mattei. The Bikini
Bini and even this tour has done a great job of keeping in touch with the chisel of proloco Mamma Ebe (which we have an image) for apartments and establishing a ferry from trusted Charon.

On Mobile Bini was me, Giannetto, Butted, Pupillo, Wonder Coffins, ├žellerona, Sara and Guido. DiLaura were on mobile Slim, who was in a state Sculaccianguille interesting
the brave and wise Gandalf.

arrival in Porto Santo Stefano, we find the family to complete degrees and we board. Once in Giglio Porto depart by bus at a time of "our" Campese. Now we take possession of the apartments, not far from those of last year. Hunger, hunger, hunger! The call is strong. We approach the port of Campese to go eat and then off to bed.
It turns out that: The Eleanor and Sarah slept in one room, me, Pupillo, and the Cozzari Giannetto in another room and Wonder trunks with a black blindfold over his eyes decide to share a room with that of Gandalf plays the role of Dr. night. Squartabudella but nothing ... the case and after the first night we only detect earplugs like rain in my room of Daniel & co. Guido and slept in the other house and Fam Degrees DiLaura.
Friday was greeted with a storm in the oven "Di Cristina" and then to a nearby coffee bar. After all the beach and swim up to the Doomsday for Mark, Giannetto's jean, Pupillo and Butted. Upon our return we found Mirko "Uncle Fester" and Nigola who had just arrived at Giglio. In the afternoon
other groups have assailed the Doomsday while I swim, the pupils, the Butted, Giannetto, Guido, Uncle Fester, Gandalf and Slim, we went to Pisellone walk through a path that starts from Campese. Here are some pictures.

We then finished the evening on the beach before going all in Giglio Porto to eat at La Paloma. Over there we ran into the graduate and feverish Carolina, Mowgli and chains. The more judges who were already there waiting. Great shelled fish.

Saturday from the earliest hours of the morning were all excited about this blessed 5 km ... Oh God ... all say that more than anyone else the Butted, said Ranatan, said Chinese that warrior, said that it was' a bit more "in apprehension! Anyway the race starts: 2 laps of 2.5 km. I was like last year to mark the tower sberciare what was the right direction ... Thank goodness it was cooler than last year if I do not read us.
The avrbbe provided after the final race of synchronized swimming along with the judges but alas, Christina and Elizabeth are given to the spot just after the 5 km, so the final Baratti postponed until July 3! Stay connected to the next post because it is worth it!
After the race on Saturday, as tradition says, the nerves to pieces with pappisti make ascent to Giglio Castello climbing up the trail that starts from Campese. This year there were also the degree renamed stanbecco "Uncle Fester, aka The Mirko, Guido and Daniel Spallasbilenca that snot all the time and since the first steps has damned the moment he decided to make the hike!
The assault on the plum tree was treated, as every year, good Gandalf. From there, the castle is not far away and soon we arrived at the square where we found Mowgli, the Cellerona and Sara Biffoni blonde girl to swallow a spritz. Then all to dinner Mein. Among those who had arrived on Thursday and who had joined in on Friday and Saturday, we were a 40in of people ... a brothel number one!
Then, while waiting for the proper driver that came to pick up Andrea, hath been fooled time playing One, two, three stars! Other than us! Once at home we are all tucked in bed ... who's managed to ... well-deserved rest after a very full day!
Sunday was the turn of 2.5 km. All athletes PAP fielded at the start. Group photo ... (and group) and then away you go! soon after the start, I see Ciccio Fabini, in the wake queue that speaks for itself ... and then pushing through a frog again, then riferma and then starts again has run ... then learned that not talking to himself, but swore to everything caught fire because he was kicked, accidentally, from another athlete on his ribs. Populin in the lead group was followed closely by Tinti who made a super race even at this round, as well as other pappisti. The blonde girl had a little 'I lost and I routed a force of whistles and sberci buoy on which follow. Last pappista, last woman to arrive and last athlete to cross the finish line in the legendary Laura Zipilli Ciccio Fabini is biting and gritty athlete and did a super race. After the race, all lying like lizards on the beach of scimitar Campese to recover from the stress and conclude this adventure shooting shit a go-go making predictions on the next trip to the lily and the whole room ... an example? The writer is Jean and Cellerona to the next round will sleep together ... I expect that will be my personal Etruscan Marathon!
The ferry back we reported in Porto Santo Stefano, as always with a veil of sadness. Because when you live a weekend so beautiful, serene and intense desire to do so would take again and again. Anyway all the Bini & Van Bikini for the return trip we did for 1000 shuffled along the Massetana and stopping for dinner in front of the beautiful Abbey of San Galgano ... a show. A special thanks to the waiter that buzzer that at the time of payment of the account, he realized that we were making a joke to one of the group and was at the game ... it turned out a fantastic sketch! Then, before the return, visit the Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano.
the weekend to Lily for this year is over. We were good, we laughed, we made some big grainy fish we caught plenty of your ass and taken a little seriously, but we swam and walked immortalized moments and wonderful moments in this regard ... I would like to draw your attention on this "pearl" that came out for the event ...

No, not Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but the legendary Captain Degrees, said Bud, Pando said. Former President and big, tireless athlete, shouting "Branca, branch, branch!" started training, via Rome.
Grande absent this year Jaw Steel but also feared and rammentatissimo Baron Ashura !


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