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A Christmas Children Theatre

CENTER MEETING Borgo San Lorenzo
Saturday, December 11 at 16:30
Oltreilponte Theatre
by and with Beppe Rizzo - from folk tales Italian Italo Calvino
The "folktale Italian" was born to find a new way to tell the tale Italian through the puppet theater, to bring these traditions popular home to a contemporary audience. The show, free adaptation of The Beard of the Count, alongside the immediacy and freshness of invention of puppet theater in the presence of a narrator who, entering and exiting the cabin, short stories and plays, involving the audience in a game of participation direct the affairs of the narrative.
Thursday, January 6 at 16:30
Clouds Travel
with Michael Cioni, Paul Ciotti, Alessandra Comanducci, Francesca Messina
Ebenezer Scrooge, an old businessman, selfish, greedy and lonely, hates Christmas and all its manifestations, but during the night before is visited by three ghosts: that of Christmases past, that of Christmas present and the last Christmas future. The next morning, upon awakening, Scrooge is a new man who has finally realized the importance of the Christmas spirit. A carousel of characters who alternate in a joyful and dynamic movement through a variety of theatrical styles.

Saturday, January 15 at 16:30
I Pupi di Stac
directed by Henry Spinelli - Spinelli with Henry, Fiorella Cappelli
Stenterello The mask has always driven a lot of stories Puppet Florence. This time is the protagonist of an adventure with the little Charlotte that will take him to a mysterious island inhabited by exotic animals and full of perils and pitfalls. The overbearing captain Barbariccia to usurp the throne to Prince Eugene, he poisoned and reduced end-of-life and also contends the hand of the beautiful Aurora.

Saturday, January 29 at 16:30
The Baule Volante
Anglisani Roberto and Liliana Letterese - with Liliana Letterese and Andrea Lugli
returning from a business trip, a merchant gets lost in the woods and finds refuge in the palace of the Beast, but after stealing a rose for one of his daughters was imprisoned by the Beast: his only salvation is it's one of his daughters to die in his place. Through the gripping plot of this classic tale, the show becomes a process of narration in two voices and a research on the topic of diversity. The result is a story full of charm and emotion that weaves the magic of storytelling to the movement expressive voice and body, leaving all their evocative power.

THEATRE GIOTTO Borgo San Lorenzo
Saturday, February 12 h 16:30
Catalyst and Pupi di Stac
Gulliver's Travels
of turbot and Richard and Henry Spinelli
true, false, peace and war, not less diverso.L 'spell of the myth-making and the magic of puppetry combine to re-read the scene a large classic that combines the pleasure of the journey and the wonder of the discovery of the exotic and dell'inesplorato. Together on stage, the wooden puppet and an actor in the flesh, will be only the first and most obvious of the surprises in front of which there are large and children only to be driven into a world where nothing is what it is or should be.

Saturday, February 26 at 16:30
Pupi di Stac
with Giulio Casati, Peter veins, Fiorella Cappelli, Enrico Spinelli
adaptation and music by Henry Spinelli Pupi di Stac reread Collodi's masterpiece as a compelling story with many animated characters and a plant of great scenic impact. Faithful to the original text the show it also keeps the narrative structure of episodes are always using different techniques: theater actor and puppet, shadow theater and drama of the narrative. They are the glue in the first place the figure of Geppetto in the flesh and according to a Pinocchio increasingly bogged in the waves of the sea. The final, which was made to keep even lightened the moral lesson of Collodi, reserve a little surprise!

Saturday, March 12 at 16:30
CTA Gorizia
design, written and directed by Antoine Caruzzicon Serena Di Blasio music Gioacchino Rossiniscene and figures Francesco Tullio Altan
We are in the tailoring of an opera house. Somewhere you are trying to "La Cenerentola" by Rossini and Angela, the seamstress who works on costumes for the singers, listen ... The work she loves, she enjoys immensely ... And Angela, taken by the enthusiasm, there to tell her, staging on his work table with what he has available: dummies, clothes, boxes, sketches, patterns, ribbons, wigs ... Angela familiar with opera, knows almost by heart because he has heard all the evidence, and he knows that too kind of show, the musical theater, and so, it tells the Cinderella story as we tell it the librettist Ferretti and the composer Rossini.

CENTER MEETING Borgo San Lorenzo
Saturday, 26 March 2010 h 16.30
Theatre Centre Corniani
Mauritius Cornianicon Maurizio Corniani and Maria Victoria Gervaso
A different and non-trivial to talk about the environment, respect for nature and the wonders that surround us. A language designed for younger children in a story reminiscent of the fairy tale to reflect the assumption that, in future, this land could be stifled by our habits. A mouse curious and brave will tackle the mountain monster to try to rid the forest and the valley from the landfill which pollutes and destroys the environment ... helped by a magic elf manages to bring peace and serenity in the forest.

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