Thursday, December 2, 2010

Purple Foot After Surgery

PREGNANCY ON: What to do?

If your belly grows and you live right in Mugello ... you're really lucky!

There are a lot of things you can do expectant mothers, even when the belly is so big that you can no longer see your feet!

Staying active will be good for you and your / a heir and then may be opportunities to meet other Pance sharing with you this unbeatable experience.

some ideas: *

course of preparation for childbirth: Highly recommended by the 7th month, and also to learn to make friends, ask the clinic.

* Walk: even in winter is beautiful ... have time to chat and walk, if walking with other bellies then the experience is unique because even your own pace from AIS will be shared.

* antenatal course in the gym: (water and room) I understand that organize both the Gymnasium (Borgo San Lorenzo) that the Sporting Club (Borgonuovo-San Piero a Sieve)

* Gymnastics in water for pregnant women: organize it in the pool in Borgo San Lorenzo on Saturday morning if I'm not mistaken.

* Yoga: Funakoshi Club Scarborough and Gymnasium: It is not a specific course for expectant mothers, but the activity is very fit and helps prevent / support the ailments of pregnancy (Such as back pain).

If you have other ideas and / or reports you write.


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