Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beautifulagony Free Preview

mathematics is a review.

masochist that I am will to end ...
You are too naive and I always hope a different ending in already knowing how it will end ...
You are stubborn and convinced that sooner or later be able to find a way to explain some things ...
will in the end are my parents and I am sorry to say no to them or we are bad ...
Will that are too good and then some 'balls ...
... no, it is who are simply picia.

fact is that this morning I've taken on a new store / shop / discount to which they had received a flyer: attractive offers, products, brands with which they are already well etc super price. etc. etc.
"There are also diapers, there are cleaning products, there are cosmetic, there's this, there's that ... you come too? So take a ride with his grandson who are three days that we do not see !
"Okay, let's go."
Flyer in hand, begin to turn into the shop and starts, but the pantomime of-the-products-in-deals-are-not-there, because obviously it's too concussion look through the shelves and look for the labels of different colors, in this case between the white yellow, indicating the product super price between similar products, even the same brand ...
To be clear: If the wheel is offered in the liquid detergent Fresh Splash Mountain (so as not to do too much advertising ...) to 1 euro on the shelf and beyond that there are five other types of liquid detergent Splash You can say that it is a scam because the Splash lavender costs 4 € esailcazzoquanto: not all the liquid detergent on sale, it's just the freshness Alpina bruttamiseria. If the flyer may mislead trarti, look at those labels with the prices of cabbage on display: Liquid Splash Lavender white label, 4 € esailcazzoquanto, Splash Mountain Fresh liquid yellow label, 1 €.
Same thing for the bleach to the detergent for the dishwasher, the cosmetic creams ... for all the products displayed on the flyer.
I'll explain it to him, but not included.
"But this is not right, because if one does not want the Alpina Freshness because it is used with the Lavender is screwed!"
... NO that is not cheated, heck!
on the flyer are the products offered in X, X products on the shelves are on offer and there are, just look: they are not obliged to put them all on a shelf apart! So should be to hell every rule of marketing! Obviously it would be cheaper for you to buy, but instead of lasting two weeks, supply, stocks would end in three days because the customer would buy only those products and then we salute you!
"But you which side are you??"
"... on the side of logic!" But the highlight

reached with the fabric softener ...
Tenerina concentrate! 2 €! A buy it, give it away for us one you!
"... but should I take two ..."
"Of course, if you want to free it must pull out of two, or else you will get only a means to give him leave here."
"But this one is also concentrated he and costs 1 and 50, if I take two there is a difference of 1 euro. "
" Yes, but more. "
" What more? "
" If you take two of these three pay €, so a euro more. "
" No, because the Tenerina one and two euro! "
" Yes, because you pay only ONE Tenerina. "
" But I've got to take two math is not an opinion. "
"Obviously it is so questionable, since a Tenerina is free: it means that do not pay, then take two bottles TWO EUROS AND NOT FOUR."

... And do not tell you what is going to be spending market ...


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