Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bipod Gamo Big Cat 1200

compleannistica Moral of the story ...

celebrated the morning and I wake up coughing and sneezing as never before: Rudy has already influenced a few days but fortunately did not have fever, since I have caught in the middle right between yesterday and today.
I'm 'na piece ...
breakfast and the first gift of the day: he likes my old globe, which uses lamp-shade but it's all bruised and still has the former USSR so we gave him a new one.
globe by day, night planetarium.
"See, honey? When the world is off the water and earth, when there is lit the sky with all the stars ..."
"... and where is the grandfather Lele?"
is flawless.
This year my father died, how to explain it to Rudy, so small? The grandfather is Lele died, he went to heaven, here is a photo of the cemetery and we come to greet him, but he sees us from heaven ... if when you turn the globe becomes the sky with the stars there will also be the grandfather Lele. What is the star of his grandfather?
"Choose the star that you like best, that becomes the star of his grandfather Lele." And meanwhile
Marco, under the bark of Agriculture, had lucciconi.

lunch and from my "birthday party".
I will only say that we were in a fortnight, we had to wait half an hour the famous neighbor of my mother ("Look who is also ***** - I know. -" .. Who ya ' said?? "- Mom, is a week that tell me that you need to invite her because she invited us to the birthday of his daughter, it was obvious that I told you to come. - "It is not true, because he called me before asking if there was Rudy and saying he was on a trip to bring the gift!" - Eh, then we say that my fifth sense and a half I was forewarned that there would be too. -) And my mom wanted to put three cutlery to serve the cake, because "the small plastic forks I have not found, maybe the kids are struggling with the big ones ... and if there's the cream inside the cake? even better to put the spoons. "
"But we are not at a wedding feast: the plastic forks sufficient. And then, sorry, did you make the cake and do not know if it's in the cream? "
" Mica I did I do, the cake! "
" ... And whoever did it do ?? My sister hump?? "
" He has made it to your father! "

In any case, this is the famous cake. For the record, the bulldozers and the trees are toys: specific because c ' who was seeing her from a yard away, he thought about the particularly elaborate decorations of sugar.

not tell you the reaction of my husband, Agricola, when he saw a cake -site instead of a designed as a bulldozer had been announced, "but #§@°°$#&##*!


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