Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can I Use Ajax To Clean Stove

Antibufale and conspiracy.

Yes, I admit it: I'm one of those on Facebook, dampens the enthusiasm of friends who share (in good faith, for charity) news as "a payment from Facebook next month "or" There's not too active, will be canceled: not to delete your profile you need to forward this message to at least 15 your contacts etc to prove you are active. etc. " or "the group reported Being parents is the greatest thing in the world: it is a group of pedophiles who steal photos of your children "or" do not accept the friendship of TizioCaioSempronio: it is a hacker enters your computer, steal your data, clog your toilet, stuprerà your cat and will hide the drugs to his grandfather. "
It takes little to understand that these are hoaxes, for more regular, because they jump out every couple of months: first, when you submit a pseudo-communication from Facebook just wondering "why me not received any official communication?"
Facebook does not communicate via message board, you do not leave comment on and even sends the mail: an official communication of the social network to recognize the flight as soon as you sign in, we have seen in abundance when they did all those jobs in the exchange rate-profile etc.
For news of the various groups pedophiles and / or bad hackers, just run a search to find out that this group, most of the time, is closed for some time, without AUTHORITIES. If you do not just exist in the network, as often happens with some of the infamous hacker.

If you still remain in doubt, you could remove them by running a search on the net ..
is the Google way.
There are dozens and dozens of sites antibufala not merely say "this thing is a lie" but to explain word for word why. For example
THIS or 'S OTHER , which are among my favorites, along with THIS facebook page and all of the same group, which I consider very useful and interesting, and also Mattia Butta site you can find linked on the right shows some good proven wrong more often.
will often be boring and unpleasant, when friends comment, "Look, it's a hoax here is the article that explains why ..." in some post-style "this month has five Sundays, 5 etc Monday. etc., will be repeated only every trecentoquanrantordicimila years!" and worse than I think those who post articles of chemtrails and things like that, because I do not think the chemtrails.
However, because one of my mottos is "I do not agree but I respect the right of anyone to say shit" if I see a person really believes in conspiracy sciachimisti and the like, I avoid repeating myself after my first comment.
But every now and then, turning conspiracy between these sites (I can not help it, I doubled over with laughter reading some nonsense) I find those gems that leave me really incredulos: indeed there are people who are presumed captured, which supports the his statements with calculations and reasoning, which calls IF THE EARTH FOR SPIN REALLY??


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