Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Facial Tattoos As A Form Of Disability Canada

patience ...

a mother there is only one.
Fortunately, because to have two or three would be all the same to me, often, an incitement to matricide.
Sunday 9 will be the third birthday of Rudy and yesterday my mom asked me how we celebrate it.
"Nothing special, but '. I do not want how to make a banner for the first birthday, we do like last year: a slice of cake and a glass of sparkling wine or soft drink, since it is mid-afternoon Sunday, just to feel a bit 'with all the cousins. "
"Can you make the cake from the bakery or do you?"
"I do the"
"And the only children??"
"Why only children, I'm sorry? Who wants to eat! "
" But only five children, a cake is not enough! "
" Apart from that the children are seven, because there are also cousins \u200b\u200bon his father and not only your grandchildren, if it annoys you: just make two cakes instead of one. Where is the poblem? "
" And where you want to do, me or you? "
" In my house, sorry! "
" But why do not you here with me the night before with relatives here and those of Como, and then Sunday at home with the other cousins? "
"....... feel, all right: the Saturday night celebrating with relatives here from you, and Sunday with the other. "
I thought it was over, but here this morning ...
" Look, but the cake for many people I do it? "
"..... but I told you that I prepare the cake? "
" No, yeah, okay, but it is better to do and then I told you that if you do make less effort, is that you are always attached to the fucking computer and never listen to me! "
" No, Mom, YOU are not listen to what I say, or rather, you care. What is the point if you ask me something and then ignore my answer? Tell me directly that you want to make a cake from the baker for your grandson because it sounds better with your sister, my cousins \u200b\u200band their children. "
" It's not for show, I do to help. Then I was thinking to get it done on Sunday afternoon, Saturday night I do not know how many will come ... and then I do not like to celebrate the day before ... "
" Mom, here we go again. But do you know why the fuck we talked about yesterday, today, if you decide the exact opposite of what we say?? Do not tell me that you did before Sunday afternoon wanted to organize a party for your nephew inviting only your and occupied by one family? I turned the ball the same, but much less! "
The moral: Sunday afternoon party at her grandparents' house with the bis-cousins \u200b\u200b(children of my cousins), Sunday evening party at our house with the cousins \u200b\u200b(children of My in-laws).
And my father's passing late in the morning to tell me to be patient, so that I know that my mother has done so, now seventy years old, who does not out of malice but to help me out .. .
I bring patience, too, but that two balls!


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