Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Commission meets Professor Zamboni

multiple sclerosis, the Pirellone Professor Zamboni

Wednesday, January 12, 2010 at 14:30 Professor Paolo Zamboni at the request of Regional Councillor Gabriele Sola (IDV) will heard by the Commission Health of the Lombardy Region. The Angiologist illustrate the innovative technique of action on what could be one of the root causes of multiple sclerosis: the narrowing of the veins through which blood flows from the brain.
"I requested the hearing of the Zamboni Professor in the Health Commission - says Gabriele Sola - because in other regions of Italy, the 'surgical treatment' developed by the professor is already being tested. In Sydney not yet . Our region, which are considered cutting edge in health care can not be left behind. "
"It is not certain in politics - continues Sola - validate theories Zamboni, but is our duty to encourage experimentation through the health facilities of our Region . Do it now, among other things, would allow us to break the odious speculation that unfortunately already seen, both in Italy and abroad, on the skin of patients, willing to pay tens of thousands of euro for angioplasty.


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