Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heroin Bob In Slc Punkbrad Nowell

Birthday Party - the second round.

new topic with my mother.
"How many people have to get it done, the cake?"
"Count us uncles, cousins \u200b\u200band cousins: in all, we are in 18 "
" And do not call XXX? She has invited you "(he spoke of his neighbor: good girl, for heaven's sake, but rarely cross when I visit my mother, who insists on volermela to attend. To me, honestly, do not care. )
"Mom, if you want to invite them, fine."
... so everything is normal.
Then he began to degenerate because if it also warned the sisters of my father there would be room for everyone, and she must also tell the other his sister and his other grandson (but let me understand: your neighbor who barely know who the fuck is I have to invite, and my aunt can call just because it's your sister and you are not particularly nice ???), and it was too hard for her SHORT AND REMEMBER THAT I'M NOT TOO GOOD AND IF I HAVE TO KNOW THAT STAR HERE TO DISCUSS do I do? CAKE MONEY RATHER puts them into the money-RUDY AND I Avoid all the hassle and the turning BALLS!!
I swear, I saw no more.
As if someone had asked for something, as if he did it all by myself.
Even my father, who usually takes his defenses, he said "what the hell are you talking about??"
He even had the nerve to tell me that she had understood that I wanted to party.
And here I am again repeating the same thing the other day. "No, not true, did not you say so."
Well, one thing that me angry is when it says "not true."
Can you say "I do not remember in this way," "I do not believe," "disagree" but do not tell "is not true." Why then


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