Monday, January 3, 2011

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CCSVI - do not think so ... Always

This afternoon I did the test for the diagnosis of dell'Ecocolordoppler CCSVI (for more information about what this disease, what do you want with multiple sclerosis and in examining what constitutes reference HERE, then ; HERE HERE and finally ).
It seems that I do not have it.
do not know if me happy or disappointed.
course, a condition in less than: I should be happy. But even if I CCSVI and some of my symptoms are due to the disease and could be remedied by the so-called "Liberation" ... I would be happier. Obviously taking care
CCSVI not recover from multiple sclerosis, it would be stupid to think the opposite: the damage to neurons do not disappear after uncorking a few veins. It is true, however, that sufferers of MS before the release had several relapses a year after the operation carried out two or three years ago had no more relapses or have had an incredible number less than before: real data, also reported in recent international conferences of Neurology on Multiple Sclerosis.
This was what I was hoping to get: a slowing of disease progression.
However, it was an examination of today, my whole reasoning is invalid because there was no evidence of any stenosis and no reflux intra-and extracranial in my veins.
The instrument used was an Esaote, Dr. A. followed in September, the course of three days of a Zamboni Professor Ferrara and is one of the best sonographers in the province of Como. It is very kind, sympathetic, empathetic and explained to me step by step what he was doing, as explained to me that a course of three days does not make him an expert in the diagnosis of CCSVI, despite twenty years of trade behind him . Even I liked this sincerity.
might still be a false negative, what are you waiting the call of the other two hospitals where I should be scheduled for the same examination.
I should say because, to date, no I have not received any notification of the date of appointment: the waiting list to perform the exam via the National Health Service in the very few Italian hospitals who agree to do so regardless of AISM and IMF are lungherrime.


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