Monday, January 3, 2011

How To Write Good Message On Retirement

neuropathic pain.

The problem of this pain is, in fact, which are neuropathic.
I feel bad in the hand, arm, foot, and so on but the real pain is not there: in the head.
This does not intend to "the pain I will invent", for it would be too simple: the problem is in the plaques of neurons damaged by the attacks of multiple sclerosis in those areas of the brain where the myelin, a substance that covers nerves, has already been damaged.
Nerve impulses from the limbs and leave the rest of the body, the neurons reach the damaged areas and are poorly accepted. In this case, are always accepted as "ouch! BRUTTAMISERIA THAT BAD!"
someone asks me "But you can not do anything for this pain? Can not give you anything?"
The only drugs that might be useful are the class of antiepileptic drugs: drugs that can "sleep" partially damaged neurons and make them implement the least pain, as I understand the explanation that I did the neurologist.
The first drug proven, gabapentin did not work for nothing, the pain increased, I have had some effects effects (increase of migraine attacks in the first place) and during the employment period I also got the second poussèe (term stumped for relapse). Now I am trying
pregabalin, but have not yet reached the minimum dosage to get the benefits (like all drugs of that sort, you have to take it "stage") but, at least for the time you do not feel side effects whatsoever.
Let's hope so.
is rather unsettling to know that, for example, the pain you feel in your arm is not in the arm, pain is not a "true" because the pain is there. It hurts. Is strong.
is a strange thing but strange things in recent months, I have happened to josa.
How to use appliances that vibrate: blenders, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and so on.
When I used an appliance for the first time after my return home, discharged from the hospital after the first admission, was a bitter surprise by the chilli jam, I used the blender ... Once off, the hand and arm trembled.
Materially not moving, but the vibration reverberated in my nerves. Continued for over an hour, and I watched her hand, stunned.
This was the first time I cried for myself, for my illness, the awareness that my body was mutiny.


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