Thursday, January 6, 2011

Levonelle And Early Period

third round ...

Call my father
" Look, but then you want to do Sunday? "
".................... ..
* * Kàààrma .... I have to be kàààrma
... PA, we come there for lunch: do whatever you want, just do what the mother wants, but I do not want to know anything, please. "
"Let it be the mom who is in the air: I asked YOU what you are going to do ..."
"And I told you that I'm not going to do anything: you come for lunch, going home, After dinner, my in-laws go a race with the kids and the mother of Mark, but just to eat a slice of cake to fly there with the little ear infection and the other two, the next day, must go to school. "
"Then in the afternoon did not invite anyone?"
"... Dad, I'm telling you for two days: do whatever you want. I do not want to know anything more. Do what you want and when you tell me how you have organized things are, but do not ask anything because not much consider anything that I say. If the mother is in the air I would not be outdone:'re doing a deal was for a birthday, for heaven's sake, as if something Rudy mattered: when he goes to kindergarten him something of fregherà party with friends, their friends and everything, but now takes three years, realize this! What do you want the amounts if the cake is made by the pastry chef, if there is one or two or if there are gifts give them to him all together or bring them to him in waves during the day, or someone the day before or after that?? Rudy will be happy when you will get someone who will place a package in his hand and say "Happy Birthday," the point! Fuck cares if it is early or late ... "
" ... eet finished? "
"...... and I'll say it again now fuck off even if you're my father. "
" All right, then do I make a cake for lunch. "
Click. You ... you ... you ...... you ...... you ... .. ..


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