Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skate Sharpening Clip Art

opposable thumb 'na saw ... The Lombardy Region

are no left-handed.
The beginning to be a problem.
The pain in his right hand is always there and take it, I can not do otherwise because even when pregabalin seems to bring some relief: the trouble is that the rigidity of some of those fucking muscoletti of the palm and back of the hand, and the first phalanges of the fingers, began to really complicate the situation.
things I often fall out of hand, when the step from left to right. Yesterday, for example, have beautifully spatasciato an egg on the kitchen floor as soon as I pulled out of the fridge.
If I keep a book with the right, in addition to pain more than the position "on the cover flat finger and thumb the pages, I shake his hand and arm after a few minutes.
Writing is difficult and strange picks up the pen rather good and feel good because falangette between the pads do not have problems of sensitivity, but it is as if the path was stopped a few inches above the movement and "clamp" is difficult to maintain .
I find myself having to concentrate to maintain smooth writing on the paper, the same size letters, the word straight and not pencolante half down by one line.
Today, however, I noticed that the "opposable thumb" that so much pride as a species if it is definitely going to 'fuck it: I made a small, trivial mending, sewing a dull if there ever was one, and succeed to slip the wire through the eye of the needle is already a mess because his hand was so incriccata a bit 'where the hell she wanted.
Sewing, then, even worse: to keep the needle between thumb and forefinger, the action world's easiest, it was easier than he had pushed through the fabric or wire tie.
no easier even put a button in a buttonhole or unscrew the cap of the toothpaste.
or remove a CD from the case.
no easier.


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