Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Do You Use Zinc On Boats

influenza and prick on Facebook.

The influence of the first of the month, which seemed to be over, decided to take a last gasp, and I is Deck the Halls: fever, cough, sore bones and so on. I
soft legs, shoulders and abdominals by dint of painful coughing, head to the ball for fever and sinusitis. I crawl around the house as a kind of zombie just because I have to get out of bed and deal with Rudy, because agriculture is also the home sick and also my parents are in bed with a fever and can not come to take his grandson during the day ...
Oh well, it happens.
They run the ball, but it happens.
What turns even more balls, however, is that sometimes you have to cross the emeriti idiot on Facebook, that if it comes up with silly acts without explanation.
Last night a friend called The Blonde, created THIS page and I was appointed manager. The page in question arises because we are both fans of David Van De Sfoos, we follow a long and we are pleased that this year participating in the Festival of Sanremo and then the blonde, who also runs the site Cauboi whose links are on the right , thought to make the fans of short films (in various dialects of Italy, given that David has fans everywhere) to be loaded on that page, and then make a single video of "good luck" to David.
THIS is the event at which we ask the movies to those who have adhered to the page, copied the text here:

Movies from all over Italy to David Van De Sfroos .

We ask you a movie of up to 15 seconds, to show your appreciation and support for DVDs and for his participation in Sanremo 2011.
movies, preferably stored in your dialect of origin but also go well in Italian (where to send the greeting by saying), you must be uploaded to the page
ges/Davide-Van-De-Sfroos-musica-parole/184332938260089 and are then assembled into a single video.

Time: someone has thought well to report this event as "offensive."
Offensive ?!?!?!
What's offensive? But how many idiot
bruttamiseria that are out there ...


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