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Did Ted Kennedy Spend Time In Jail


Continue our support 'foe de Coo "for David in Sanremo ... In addition to the aforementioned
raising campaign videos from all over Italy (we are already in the second collage with video and we had collected the contributions and Simon Webbe, also Sulutumana, Louis Maier, Peppe Voltarelli , Enrico Ruggeri, Francesco Piu, Roberta Carrieri and others ...) the Cauboi had another genius: the pseudo-election campaign.
Of course it is "Vote Van De Sfroos" A SANREMO , but there is also someone who thought the policy the "real" ...
I swear, I'm enjoying as a child on the playground!
posters in several cities, posters in bars, clubs and shops, "holy" and ... to distribute election manifesto. In much of the latter, there's my mindless paw.
satisfaction? Fun together, "advertise" an artist who deserves (and, incidentally, has found his big face around Como things done without knowing anything hihihi) .. To talk him. Far speak well of him, in a way that is not a boorish rant legaiolo.
Some press article is already out on both initiatives, and today spoke of the "Election Campaign" also on RTL1025.
(Note for non-accustomed to the issues desfroosiani: names in "addition" are characters in his songs, which relate to the "departments" proposed for logic or contrast: we will have the Brothers Abbate, for the song "The Boat Builder "The logical proposal alderman Navigation and Transport, while Madame Moth, for the song of the same name, who got shot her husband on their wedding day surprise for him behind the barn in the middle as a kind of gift cornificazione Wedding ... well, she will be perfect contrast for Social Policy and the Family), o)

"First of all let me the privilege to announce the names of the members of my district council, if I were elected Mayor "

CIMINO : Councillor for Finance;
MADAME MOTH : Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs and Family;
GHOSTS OF EL ZIU GAETANN : Assistant Madame Moth;
ANNA : Secretary Madame Moth and the El Fantasma Ziu Gaetann.
BROTHERS ABBATE : Councillors to Navigation and Transportation;
GHOSTS OF EL Laach : Assistant of the Brothers Abbate;
SUGAMARA : Councillor for Justice;
DE ALAIN DELON LENNO : Councillor foreign policy
FENDIN : Councillor for spiritual
NINTH LUCIA: Assistant Fendin;
KAPITAN KURLASH : Councillor Meteorology;
GENESIO : Occupational Assessor;
EL BARON : Assessor of Culture and Performing Arts;
AUNT LUISA : Assistant El Baron;
Nonu ASPIS : Councillor for the Environment;
EL BEAST : Assistant Nonu Aspis;
Jony : Councillor Fishery Resources;
EL MUSTRU : Assistant Jony.


Step 1 - As Mayor of San Remo, I agree that this is no longer just the city of Flowers: San Remo deserves better, deserves better, deserves. San Remo is the City of Flowers, of Hearts, the Spades, the Diamonds, Ace AVID, Wands, Pentacles, Seven of Diamonds, Primera and purpose.

Step 2 - It will be a source of pride for me, as a first measure to be mayor, finally giving a new pair of shoes and Lacoste fluorescent al Cimino.

Step 3 - Given the proximity to our cousins \u200b\u200bacross the Alps, "I propose that the intensification of cultural exchanges with France: our students will go to them, but also in other European and non-European, to teach dialects in their high schools.

Step 4 - You will set up a municipal committee to identify areas of the Municipality best suited to the unfolding of musical events and / or artistic works of various kinds (organized or spontaneous). These events are absolutely free to the public.

Step 5 - Section 5 is not me.

Step 5a - I thought best, but I really do not come.

Step 6 - Contamination between cultures: not only dialects but also flavors. Introduction of the school lunch menu Polenta with Pesto and Focaccia di Recco with Missültèn.

Step 7 - Referendum to the people to revive the economy of the Bel Paese: Do you support the opening of a Scorpion Paradise in every country and city? Hoping that the popular response is "maybe yes". Among other things, we have secured discounts for students and seniors with ID Cauboi.

Step 8 - Having a strong case for the freedom of choice, will implement a subdivision of the Ligurian Sea by appropriate Sguaraüünda so that you can get salt water on the one hand, Akuadüülza other.

Step 9 - set up a new public holiday, midweek, to be known as the "Day of San San and Macacu Nissoen, the completely random basis.

Point 10 - I found the section 5, but it is top secret and not tell you.

Step 11 - One of the first provisions that give to my Government will be the promulgation of a decree providing for a purchase voucher for two trains of tires (standard and snow) for all CAUBOI that, within a year , will run at least 5,000 km to reach my concerts.


... and while we're at, here is the text of piece by David Van De Sfroos Sanremo 2011

Yanez D. Bernasconi

the tide rises and falls and returns to a rudeera
sedella and sciavata and Tulette de Red Bull;
Sandokan el cun't mohito e'l tickets cun soe
Sandokan the invitation that has learned to driving flip-flops ...
and geent that rüva maar so much for the day 'that is STAAD that
cul de game room tokens cavall el el el Moev a Zicca Cuu
uduu fritüüra de de de pizza de Pess and Purt via
Kamammuri' s is that it is sixty years of rocking in Soel de la pension ...

Yanez de Gomera if regordet Cume era?
vuvuzela and now bikes and Suzuki g'ha el hip Tremal Naik ...
Yanez de Gomera if regordet de el James Brook
Giuga caart giò to the bathroom and the Riviera is that the gods hann sempru pacifiers

appetizers, a drink and morscardini de quatru culuur
tanned, tattooed the pirates henn vegnüü de Varees
The panther, black skirt, tank top, maid
Moev Cuu el hip but without the chips is that the Duma to cambiàtt büceer
Sandokan el soe in the beach in the Billabong müdand
el gha gha arthritis and carry-over, left for Mompracem cul
pedal and the Dayak cun Shah Journal g'hann mea teemp tajatt for el co
the sword lassen suta umbrelon the fans and more damage to the iPhone

Yanez de Gomera eet the vedüda besides the Siiri?
puss that the Pearl of Labuan, Marianna paar a sass me now ...
Yanez de GONMERA cunta soe Cume the ammo I was
vedüü who has rifada the roof, he mea pudüü rifàss el coer ... The siren is the

incazzada that little 'mea Giuga to Balòn
pulenta and cuba libre for crabs in the prucession
Cumincia auar Eppie, the Tiger of Malaysia
all'usteria ended in cul Riis biaanch and burned magnesia
, pirates without prutezion, barracudas
cun soe that the ban rai giüghen ping pong
Sandokan che'l vusa deent in pizzeria ... el vusa and sings Romagna Mia ...

Yanez de Gomera if regordet Cume era? Now
bicycles and vuvuzela and Suzuki g'ha el hip Tremal Naik.
Yanez de Gomera if regordet of Colonel Fitzgerald?
I vedüü soe in the currier che'l nava in Rimini sees the Dolphins ...

... translation for nondialettocomascofoni o)

the tide rises and falls and shows her junk
a bucket * and a power strip and a can of Red Bull
Sandokan the mojito and the ticket with du Sandokan the invitation
who learned to drive the flip-flops ...
And people who come to the sea just to say that it is been there, the arcade coin
with the horse moves a little 'ass
smell of fried fish and pizza takeaway
Kamammuri is sixty years that is rocking on the board ...

Yanez de Gomera you remember how? Now vuvuzela
bikes and Suzuki and has also Tremal Naik ...
Yanez de Gomera you remember James Brook
playing cards down to the bathroom and said that Riviera is always drunk.

snack, small octopus and a drink in four colors
tanned, tattooed are the pirates come from Varese
The panther, black skirt, tank top, move your ass waitress
without chips but is here just to change the glass on
Sandokan beach pants of Billabong
has arthritis and has a carry-over, part with the pedal to Mompracem
Dayak and the Journal do not have time to chop off your head
left the sword under the umbrella and do more damage with the ' iPhone.

Yanez de Gomera you saw the other night?
More than the Pearl of Labuan, Marianna now it seems to me a stone ...
Yanez de Gomera people say I saw it was
who has rebuilt her breasts, was unable to rebuild the heart ...

The siren is pissed off that can not play football
polenta and cuba libre for crabs in the procession begins
happy hour, the tiger of malaysia
inn ends with rice and white
burned magnesia, pirates unprotected
with barracudas on the raiban playing ping pong
Sandokan crying inside the pizzeria ... cries and sings Romagna Mia ...

Yanez de Gomera you remember how? Now vuvuzela
bikes and Suzuki and has also Tremal Naik.
Yanez de Gomera you remember Colonel Fitzgerald?
I saw on the bus that went to Rimini to see the Dolphins ...

* "sedella" is the normal bucket, but given the context of the Adriatic coast seemed more obvious understood as "beach pail"
... fuck how I feel translator hihihi ...


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