Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Import Buick Enclave Into Canda

Incitement to Stray Child ...

The Agricultural brought home a slide for Rudy. Mica
one of those things ... plastic half-meter high no, never!
If you already when you talked about "doing the little house to play" the son, a good father-builder in three days was able to do this
from a pile of wooden planks and four beams (because it's not a prefab, is clear: Original Design of the Agricultural) despite grandparents had mentioned the possibility of giving the grandson of one of those plastic model chalet houses of logs (but what the hell they cost those bullshit there ???), let alone brought home, in fact, a plastic slide for Her Majesty The 'Infante ...
No, luck would have it the other week was to work on site in Milan, to dismantle a playground.
chanced that all the rides metal throw went through the wreckage.
chanced that the chute was in perfect condition and that the surveyor of the town have said "if you want it, take it. But it will not help to load that weighs too much."
Moral of the story: After a vigorous wash with the pressure washer (and a past with both Lysoform degree) Saturday Rudy goes at least two to three hours a day scivoleggiando and having fun like crazy. Try every possible descent: traditional, head down, face down ... from the chute and then climbs down the ladder, then clings in a step and remains hanging like a monkey ... launch the "whale shark" down in the "p'ofondo blue" and then "goes to salva'lo" because, not poor shark .... sa mica swim!
afternoon passed a pair of elderly neighbors, a walk-cazzeggiano: Rudy greets immediately (it was for him, greet the dust grains ...), the next respond and I wish you good morning to the couple, while Mrs. makes me all worried "But with this cold brings out the child to sweat??"
"Madam, today has not even cold! The baby is well covered and I can keep it segregated mica in the house all winter ... it is better to play outside and breathe a bit 'of fresh air in the garden, even if cold rather than holed up at home all the time. "
... I will be lessened, but a thousand times a runny nose because he played an extra hour in the garden, rather than a draft because I opened the windows to change the air in the house ...
But now it is wretched, to convince the little stray stop and slide back into the house ... eheheh


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