Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Real Glory Holes In Oc

A month of Copaxone, Lyrica and last visit.

now I do pears for a month and all is well. Broadly speaking, I have no trouble
: use the auto-injector (I find better, more practical), change the points where diligently rolling bucarmi, I pull out the syringe from the fridge half an hour before doing it all, then clean hands, disinfects the part, regulates the release of the needle depending on the area to be pierced and I do the pear.
The first time I did something wrong with the adjustment of the needle: I overestimated the fat and put on the regulator on the 8 or 10, but went out too much blood and the bruises remained for days.
Now I have settled on the 6 and 4 on the arms, depending on the area, on the 8 and 6 for the legs and belly, again depending on the area.
not normally feel almost nothing, apart from a little 'burning: the area swells and becomes red for a couple of hours and then everything disappears, except when I do the injection in the arms ... there it hurts, sometimes it takes half the sting arm to the armpit and branches to the side and chest but also in this case lasts just a couple of hours. Fortunately
still is to me happened to any of those bastards side effects such as nausea, the "chill", the tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and palpitations, but if were to peep should get out more quickly than others.
The only sad note is that the injection points the day before yesterday (stomach, five centimeters to the left and three inches below the navel) and the day before (left leg, five inches above the knee, the top going to the inside of the leg) remained the "nodules" painful and itchy area: it seems that the needle length was wrong, then the depth of 'injection, and the drug makes it hard to soak up or something, so I have many beautiful and massage balls, and put a little' cream to reduce itching and pain.
But it goes without saying: Who does not leak.

As for the Lyrica for neuropathic pain seems to have guessed: "sleeve" and "socks" are greatly improved. The leg is much better, my arm still has problems but as soon as possible.
course, two boxes of Lyrica I last a week and that means the line every week to the doctor for a simple recipe, or call your doctor and go to collect it once a week ever since I have to take 100mg of the drug in two doses of 50mg daily, but the right packaging with the capsules NOT loanable 50mg, 100mg from those not divisible by ergo those are only 25mg I use now. And oh well ...

On February 1 I did the survey and just because it was my birthday I found a nice present: now I have a diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis Sclerosis and I visited the clinic no longer in Neurology and have changed my doctor . Now follow me to Dr. C. and I am more than happy. Not that I have anything against Dr. B. I followed the first, but Dr. C. makes me feel calmer. In addition, it is to her that we owe the fact that the Centre is becoming Valduce Testing Method for Zamboni: This, to me, that several points. Other points he earned them when I asked her, in fact, experimentation and why have not gone forward with the IMF-Aism should do as it looked last year: "we are neither for nor against anyone, but if we do scientific experimentation we do it properly "was his reply. It is not strictly pro-Zamboni but want to understand how things are: to understand the procedures to be followed. The procedures are those Zamboni, then follow them.
Hats off to Dr. C.
reiterate that he had nothing against Dr. B. who followed me so far, but just to be clear when I asked his opinion about the speech she Zamboni, graduate student until two months before, came up saying words: "Now it turns out that this is the fault of the veins. .. if it appears that MS is not a problem Angiology and neurological neurologists say that we have never understood a caz ..... fly! " (Here is my answer came out almost by itself: "Doctor, in all likelihood there were those who laughed in his face and Fleming's mold, but without we would not have penicillin ...").
However, the visit did not revealed nothing new to each other again (visit to resign after the second attack had always made me Dr. C) and with regard to pain in the hand advised me to show me by my doctor to schedule a specialist examination because she says it is not a problem strictly related to MS, but there's more. It re-oh well ... Annam bbene.


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