Monday, February 21, 2011

Safe Wood Chips For Bunnies

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In response to Mr. Vacalebre Morning in Naples, unfortunately only from here:

This is not to ask the singer in question, the question "why did not change the text" but who sovrintente the application of the Regulation if they have read and approved the text is not clear why words such as Red Bull, iPhone, Suzuki, Official and Billabong were "confused with the Como dialect" but rather because, by REGULATION same she cites

" All songs must not contain elements : obscene, pornographic or child pornography, libelous, defamatory or otherwise offensive honor, dignity, reputation, dignity and image of any person or inconsistent with the material interests and / or moral of it;
discrimination because of age, sex, sexual orientation, personal circumstances and social, racial, language, nationality, political opinion, trade union, religious beliefs and so on;
that incites violence or hatred, for any reason;
that may in any way affect, disturb or threaten personality psycho-physical and / or moral development of minors, in particular, the content must comply with the provisions of the Code on TV and children;
of advertising, whether direct, indirect and / or subliminal or in kind of a promotional nature or otherwise, for commercial purposes;
that arise otherwise in violation or circumvention of the law or breach rights , also to third parties. "

The regulation does not prohibit this year to name the brands of products and this is not considered advertising for commercial or promotional in nature: in the song does not say" drink Red Bull "- live - or" someone is reading the Gazette - indirectly - nor praises the convenience of Billabong shorts or the speed of Suzuki - subliminal -

As to say "I do not realized that the dialect was not ... "by a journalist is just one topic: the lyrics of the songs are in the public domain in the race a week before the Festival, also published in newspapers with national circulation. If the journalist in question will make the left in Sanremo could at least take a look and while not knowing the dialect in question with a little 'of insight might have come to understand that

  • a Tulette de = a can of Red Bull Red Bull
  • g'ha el hip Suzuki Tremal = Naik has also Suzuki Tremal Naik
  • Sandokan in soe the beach in the Billabong müdand = Sandokan on the beach with the pants of the Billabong
  • Dayak cun = i Shah, the Official Journal the Dayak with here (I admit that "Shah" is tricky)
  • fans = more damage to the iPhone do more damage to the iPhone (the same, practically, and it is the sentence that mentioned together Red Bull).

If he had found excessive difficulties in arriving at these conclusions, a simple search on the Internet would lead immediately to the translation of the text only in Italian but not more than fifteen dialects, including his own, almost one for each region of Italy from north to south, "including the islands" in the words of an old spot.

Episodes like this make me think that not often "professional" go hand in hand with "Professional."

Lohan Sartori


Then, oh well ... There is even close Marinella Venegoni La Stampa, which, in the cut and thrust of the comments (Warning: there are many) to one of his article, rather than answer questions that readers pose shows how proportional to the narrowness of the poverty of thought.


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