Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indian Channel Frequenz

As the saying goes: "it does not take a science ..." When

Understanding that "it is permissible to ask, answer is courtesy of" sorry for those people who, on the Internet, ask questions, "useless" on forums, guestbooks or message boards on Facebook.
define what I mean by "unnecessary demand": the question written in a place where you do not have an immediate response from other people more versed in the particular topic (perhaps only spend hours, maybe spend whole days), the written request in a place that maybe there at the side or above, in plain sight, has a section dedicated to what you're asking (classic example: go to the website of a singer by chance, with a banner on display "pincopallo! the new album ! 20 December, "and ask" when it comes out the new record? ") or those questions that can be answered only by a trivial
Google search on the Net is the way.
do not like Google? search engines are there in spades. Use them.
Did you hear a song but do not know the title, but do you remember the whole chorus. Maybe you also know who sings it.
What do you ask around? Seek: A few seconds pass and you fear.
I had read a book a long time ... is talking about this and that ... there was a horse that was so called, and a rate, and a dwarf .... I do not remember the title ....
Put those four things you remember as search keys and then fanned the results and see a little 'if you find something that makes you ring a bell in head, no?
But perhaps the problem is "fan the results" means that if you are looking for is not among the top three or four, then the poem goes, eh?
mica is not planning to change a few 'key words to search ...
Now: I am not sure hacker. I bought the first computer in '98 and I was totally fast: a girl in my company which was the practice taught me the basics and then explore the programs and folders "but when I see here, what I? "
I had a connection to the Internet only three years later, in 2001 I used the portal, Virgilio, following three or four fixed sites and a chat (in mIRC) but with a curiosity like mine is the Internet Country of Bengodi: can think of something, you try. Sooner or later you find it. It's not that hard to understand if and where you are wrong, when it is not something ...
But we must have the desire to find, 'ttana jail! Easy to be used to "regurgitate" the laziness "google alert" that brings you the news of the selected directly to your inbox, you feel properly informed because maybe you did a ride on the homepage or an online news service you went on the website of the news favorite!
And if you are curious to know if the person who lives in Japan and written in a certain place eight to nine years ago was good, but you do not have email contact details, as you are able to link to an article that reports the name of the city and two places of work of this person instead of asking "does anyone know anything?" you might even be able to search those places where (a radio town and a pub) have a website ... Maybe, you know, the curiosity to see where they are located in that city, so near the epicenter of the earthquake ... a ride with google maps, "is + the name of the radio / the name of the local ...
maybe discover that the site of the radio no longer exists, but found that there is also the site of a local blog. Updated 03/13/2011 per day.
Yes, that person is doing well.


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