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Stopping Fortiguard Web Filtering

A showcase for the city in the nucleus of Faculty of Architecture
The great
rationality and linearity of the urban fabric, is located in the area of \u200b\u200b el m arket neighborhood, harmony is broken by the curvature of the hill behind and the presence of the river in immediate vicinity. It is an area of \u200b\u200b b etween that releases the need to mend the relationship between city and nature now degraded.
This step, however, must create a relationship real
which can only arise from the gradual transition CITY ' - CHARACTER N YPE - CITY '. In that mod or? The embryo is artifice in the Faculty of A rchitettura projects arise where parts of the city. HERE IS THE REPORT OF THE BUILDING AND FOUND CIT TA 'WITH NATURE. And 'here that first of all there must be a direct contact with nature. Architecture that acts as an intermediary in the ra ma ke cities - nature.

L 'area of \u200b\u200bthe local market is in a central position with respect to the fragmentary nature of the premises of the Faculty of Architecture, full nte am immersed in the urban reality to which it belongs. The need for a heart-breaking for students in terms of leisure time, leads to reflection on the need to create a better relationship with the city to which they belong.
But is the city itself is now an orphan of a cliché, but held open for different needs.

MUSEUM - SITE where to produce and display, but also exposure of the production phase of work in progress, both live and through movies, pictures, photographs.

showcase - part museum:
  • display real
  • exhibition of the work in progress - labs showcases
  • photo exhibition area (basement)
  • area for outdoor installations (tested by the city)
support of ' auditorium: a true link between the level of your city and the level of campus
MORNING - conferences , seminars for students
AFTERNOON - support for exhibitions, installations
EVENING - projections issues

Campus classrooms relaxation, creative workshop

The concept from the formal point of view is based on the parallelism between the two systems curved / linear artifice and nature. This coexistence of two distinct systems from the point of view of the concept from the standpoint that Formal is the driving force, the engine that carries out this project. This duplication of systems seemingly disconnected between them was the starting point from which the prof. Wise suggested that I study the Knut Hamsun Center by Steven Holl . For here the main body of the museum that grows in height while maintaining aspect ratio is not excessive, is supported by a low block and linear, like a plate: the auditorium. The reference, despite the similarities in terms of processes with the Campus-City, was considered as an example of how two seemingly detached systems can coexist and even be united in space.
Steven Holl - Knut Hamsun Museum, Norway 1996 Hamaroi

City Campus - model of the presentation of the bang


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