Thursday, July 5, 2007

Character Cloud Final Fantasy Mugen

large group

so well ... but these boards?? ok ok we are all very busy with various examinations, structures, models, 3d and so on and so forth ...
the proposal is to think of the communication strategies of our building ... as it speaks to the world and how they relate the city to be known and what has (and I quote Marian). The idea seems effective, now, I think, that this is an operation for a few minutes, in the sense that everyone has clear about these concepts into its design ... so I propose on Monday (because we will all) pinning everything and meet on the subject ... what do you say??
then with respect to the deconstruction of the table ... we talk about it, because for that you go into the specifics of the project ... and here draw a veil pitiful for now.

finally a "proclamation" of the blog and lorena cristian are active ... and I would say that lorena is in style and Cristian, quietly split ... everything! good luck for tomorrow ...


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