Thursday, June 28, 2007

18 And Over Clubs In Nj


the idea to move what was remaining a concept project "has come through the now irreplaceable Anna ... that the research libraries, has found something for me: Mecanoo Architecten - Library of the University of Technology, Delft.
course is a library, but what struck me is the cover, angled like mine, but that part of earth, create one with the green around. The pratone suggests integration between public and private sectors, a mix of features is not trivial: in the university library, outside lawn with trees and flowers where students and teachers can meet informally. The grass lifts and shapes the coverage of the library: a "green roof" that can be freely path to walk, lounge or other (to make a descent on a snowboard for example!), Creating a new reality for challenging ' entire campus.

... so looking for ideas to push the concept of integration of functions in roofing and structural solutions have been catapulted into the world jds architects ... particularly in the project of maritime youth house : Mix the docks with its constant activity at the port, a school for maladjusted boys ... what to say? these children seem to feel at ease in playing on this wooden cover extremely busy!

also increasingly from the world jds architects, browsing the site, I found it very interesting conceptual schemes that present the project before moving on to the pictures and I think that might be a good idea to see how through a simple representation, but very effective, you may put the birth of the concept.
these searches ... now working! I particularly thank

anna because through its continuous research and curiosity is helping me very much, and matteo , which at the Domus Academy has found a world which is invaluable from "eating up" as much as possible ... and I do the same with him!


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