Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swollen Glands And Menstruation

We arrived on Wednesday and Wednesday evening is to cinema, or because it costs less, either because there are no training in the pool (as if no one ever jumped ...!). Tonight in particular, we spent just a little, there was even less so. Franco has freed us free tickets to all! WOW! It was me, the Simo, Eva, Francy, Frank and Henry.
The film? Bello. Milk is the life story of Harvey Milk, a gay man who was tired of seeing injured or worse, ignored the rights of homosexuals in America and through several battles with the sound of electioneering and marches to the city of San Francisco, we had it Councillor to be elected. The film goes through the seventies and traces the brief history of gay San Francisco, the recognition of their rights and the rejection of the proposal no. 6 calling for the dismissal of all gay teachers. The Castro district in which resided the majority of the city's gay, is the setting for the story Milk who sailed from here, just to take his crusade against the "system".
Sean Penn is really good and all the cast from Hirsch to Brolin is very good for their part, and is well directed. Gus van Sant uses many beautiful shots (beautiful one from the whistle on the ground) and takes us back in those years by filming videos of that time and not entirely clear as to want to believe that he had pulled back the tape of the time that you are now a bit 'worn. Really good film, well told, well acted, I am sure he will plunder Oscar.


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