Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poconos Cabins For Prom

Let's go to win!

And we're going to win! Monday, April 6, nell'elettrizzante (for those who love swimming) frame of the stadium Swimming pools at CONI's Foro Italico in Rome, I had the interview for selection to the FINA World Championships 2009 which, as you know by now, you held in Rome from July 18 to August 2. The interviewer, very nice, even to make a date, Prato was ... well, of Chiesauova: behind my house! Le monde est petit! We speak: first question, a classic: "Ah, Jean Golin ... but are you French?" and I said, "Oui." MAH! Why the fuck I said yes! So I hasten to say, "That is ... no! Je parle fran├žais je ne suis pas fran├žais corn." And her "Ah here. And one thing we have discharged, understanding the French language" and I said "ah ... so: approved." And the selection, "so even English ..." and writes. In short, the interview has gone smoothly, because of questions about my candidacy, what is the relationship I have with the water and swimming, if you practice ... then we started talking about possible patent and then asks me if I stay in Rome for those days of racing. I tell you exactly do not know yet, because I have a friend that maybe I can sleep but I have to suffer ... so I do leave your voicemail number for return calls and provide confirmation. Greeting, I get up, go out and talk to a girl about the tickets that the PAP had rischiesto months ago. Was 16.30, I had the train at 18.50 ... you feel like! She replies that the mail will be processed in the week and then go downstairs. On the ground floor the magnificent, beautiful, wonderful pisicna Olympic Forum was there, ready to be admired and photographed ... and I did not shoot back. The pool is one of the CVED, the one with the frescoes and mosaics ... speechless. Define it is just beautiful and simplistic. It 's a gem. Mosaics depicting marine animals in the tank floor, the walls images of divers, water-related deities and along the windows from where he came a blinding light, blinds / posters with images of the great Italian water: swimming, water polo, synchro, diving . In short, a triumph of excellence. I stand in worship, the tribune of white Carrara marble, for about 30 minutes, stunned by the beauty of the plant and intrigued by children who were training in diving.
In the lobby there is a kiosk selling gadget of the World Cup. Kick in and, in the wake of the euphoria of the interview and with eyes full of that pool, which for centuries had seen on television, buy a beach towel and a T-shirt world. The girl said to me: "What do you want? This will be the blue that will give the volunteers ... bad luck, I took another.
take a ride To the systems of the Forum: the tennis courts where they played the International, the athletics track and the Olympic the home stadium, in the Curva Nord, the headquarters of the Italian Swimming Federation .. . sin that I was to turn south! I do give a pass and later. The Olympic giant vacuum seems more and more beautiful. Federation to tell me that the GUG (Race Officers Group) has been transferred to the pisicna Forum ... where I was 10 minutes before! In the meantime had become 17:50. Allotment from the north curve at a time dell'usicta ... forever!
Esco and I sling the GUG. By and urge "Oh, good evening to all." A blonde at a desk and two shady characters look at me as if they had seen an alien. "Way up, do not look at me like that ... I am a colleague, I am a judge, I come from Tuscany." The blonde looks at me more and more bewildered. I ask: "Are you Mirella?" Mirella is a friend of another judge who had called before entering the room and asked me if there was to greet you .... but, alas, she was not the Mirella concerned. The blonde says: "Mirella is the national" ... TRANSLATION: "Idiot! But as: do not you know Mirella has spent his career? ... 'CCCI her. "Then he introduces me to calm down and the president. Two bars, a handshake and then I go to Rome Termini scapicollandomi. Return to Prato for the 21, with the new Red Arrow.
The First day to call my friend Roman perhaps gives me hospitality in his apartment. He explains that he does not know but that is a mess because things have changed, then I say it does not matter. I'll call Roma 2009. I answered Alessandra . I tell her the day before I had the interview with Miriam and I had to say whether or not I was lodging. I say that, if caught, take advantage of the dormitories, which will provide the organization. His PC is slow, I need to update the information about your computer ... but I'm wrong. So I start talking about Pisina I had seen downstairs and how lucky they are in Rome to have facilities like that. Finally, the PC starts up again, she says she remembers me by name. That was where I asked a ticket on PAP. I say that from my profile, it appears that the collooquio went well and I was taken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
gives me directions of the training course to be held in Rome on April 27. In short, it's official: 2009 participate in Rome! Still do not believe it. I do not know what I'll do but I know have to be beautiful just be ourselves.



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