Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Assistant (a) social.

let us take off a pebble in the shoe ...
A. is a young social worker, fresh studies in psychology and anything else that works in the City of my country and that of the neighboring country.
This summer, through mutual friends, became aware of my health and has seen fit to lend him my phone number, telephony, and to offer to help me to successfully file for disability or ' disabilities.
rating 9 for the initiative, voting 4 - the way he conducted the affair.
clear: it is a good girl, maybe even knows how to do his job well in general, but the impression made on me was ugly, and rather anzichenò. Phone Call-
river where she spoke almost only ... okay, let her speak. Ends the conversation by saying, "Tomorrow I go on vacation, so call me back later this month we meet and see what to do. "
would be fine too, except that in August still had a diagnosis of clinically isolated syndrome with which it is useless to apply for incapacity or disability.
Summer arrives late October and, finding the town hall, step by A. Human Services to meet and make an appointment to explain that it is too early to start a practice.
At the first appointment makes me wait for forty minutes because he was talking to a colleague thought that I had not yet arrived and did not notice that I knocked, I entered, I asked her and another of his colleague told me "is busy" (and then told her, "A., came the lady of your appointment), then he wound up after ten minutes because you have crossed the appointments.
However, in those ten minutes she started to ask me the story of my life because he "wanted to be able to know me better help better regardless of whether they were there to explain that again IT IS TOO EARLY TO START THE PRACTICE OF SHIT.
We set a second appointment asking to join my husband, always "know better" and goes with the person of 'appointment later, the drunk in the country which was to be accompanied to the clinic.
I move the second appointment a couple of times, and in the meantime I hear that he spoke with my father, Head of the Civil Protection in the neighboring country and that sometimes crosses into that other City Hall: has, in practice, an appointment to talk to him about my situation.
I do not like. "Dad, I do not think the case you go to talk about my cock with A."
"It will not go, he made all by myself, talked, asked and was answered by myself ..."
When we arrive, my husband and I, on the second appointment I have a lot 'of points to clarify, but I do not have time to speak as it appears in Mark begins to question after question to him, that for a while' responds then looks at me and asks, "tell him I think about you or me?"
"I do, I do!"
Look, A., I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I get the impression that you're exaggerating. I have contacted on your own to help me with the practice of disability and thank you, among other things, I recently had a second relapse and now is that the diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS can also do, but you're acting as if we were here to ask the social benefits of the common questions about family, work, home, children, grandparents ... you heard from mutual friends that my husband is the head of late-month salary, that's fine, but we are not asking anything of you as a social worker, thank you for your interest. If I want to help with practice, ok, otherwise I am going to the patronage and I arrange because frankly I'm uncomfortable with the way you do, you find it intrusive. "
" Why intrusive? I thought I help you, I just want to know you better ... "
'Thanks, but no aid shall be imposed if we are not asking, sorry! Want an example of what I mean by invasion? Arbitrarily fix an appointment with my father, in the communities where we work, to talk about my business. here is what I mean by invasion. I inform you that my father will not come to that appointment. "
After that, a quick question that you think I should go and get treatment in another hospital because" every disease has its own referral hospital, making them removed out that perhaps ignores the fact that the Valduce is a highly specialized centers for multiple sclerosis), and another on the Zamboni CCSVI ("be careful with these things, do not believe in miracles just because they see on television" - "It is months before the Hyenas did the service on television that follows the work of Zamboni on the Net Foundation through its various forums and independent, you have never tried to read the medical reports or did you stop to press AISM?" ), a better choice if it were still on incapacity or disability, but here advised me well (if I choose to continue the practice of disability is accepted and I could recognize a contribution but I can not work while until I can do a part-time once Rudy will go to kindergarten. If I accept the disability and I can work when the inability to deteriorate, but I can not pass the inability to disability.) And finally, while I put on a jacket and hat to go away the last gem: "Interesting, that skull and crossbones on the cap you. After you explain why you chose but first give me your version ... "
acknowledge it was a moral obligation, for me, "I have chosen for nostalgia. In my previous life I was a danger sign on a pylon."
My old blog will be gone naughty & cynical, but Spiraledifollia Bastard Is Back On The Road, Baby ...


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