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studies the method "Zamboni" A short interview with

new treatment for multiple sclerosis, the region studied the method of "Zamboni"

The director of the Center for Vascular Diseases in Ferrara Region. His experience some private clinics in five Lombard. Concerns about the proliferation of uncoordinated research.

a search, not a therapy. This is the point where we must start to talk about what has now been labeled as the "method Paolo Zamboni" for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The doctor specializing in Vascular Surgery arrived today in the Regional Council to Milan to meet from the members of the Health Commission. They presented his trial was born in Ferrara in the center of Vascular Diseases, University of which he is director. "In my searches - he explains - I noticed that malformations that block cerebrospinal major veins may be linked to forms of multiple sclerosis. At this point we have launched a disciplinary board that connected neurologists, radiologists and vascular chiurughi. Thus was born the active protocol in Emilia Romagna ". In summary therefore, the method "Zamboni", suggests a relationship between cerebrospinal lasclerosi multiple chronic venous inadequacy (CCSVI), namely the difficulty of outflow of blood from the brain to the spinal cord. In patients with these conditions, according to the doctor, angioplatica can lead to improvements.

The trial, already active in some Italian regions and abroad, is still active in Lombardy. To date, in our region, only five private centers - in Busto Arsizio, Como, Bergamo, Milan San Donato Institute ee "Besta" - have contacted Zamboni began, according to a precise protocol, his experimentation. In parallel, other realities, including the Hospital del Circolo di Varese, triggered by a few days a multicenter study for the diagnosis of CCSV (in this case, unlike that in the five towns mentioned above, under the National Health Service). Study, the latter is independent of the activity of Zamboni.

And it is to understand how to manage the research and experimentation in Lombardy that the Commission wanted to meet Zamboni . The decision comes in response to a circular issued by the Minister of Health Fazio, and sent to all regions, on the approach to be taken to enable the trial of Professor Ferrara. Regione Lombardia is indeed moving to follow the path traced by Emilia Romagna and establish a protocol. "We think - says the Deputy Director of the Department Health Luca Merlino - a network of three or four centers that will pursue the testing. In the "certainty" of safe practices we will also provide funding under the Regional Health Service. "

idea, that of the region as "director", as stated by fortmente the Democratic Party. "They are gone various protocols in an uncoordinated way - said Alessandro Alfieri -. We need to proceed with caution , activate a director as soon as possible and linking studies such as that initiated the Circle Hospital of Varese, the research undertaken by Professor Zamboni 5 centers in Lombard and other experiments that are being developed independently by part of private individuals. This means do not feed the expectations of patients and their families deserve that trials are conducted with the utmost fairness. "

position shared by fellow IDV Gabriele Sola. 'It must be responsible for coordination of work between the structures hospital in order to collect data and to depth scientific experimentation. "


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