Monday, January 3, 2011

In What Episode Does Bulma Boobs

neuropathic pain. Work in progress

"You have MS, OK, but what do you feel? "
I feel bad.
I feel bad for almost the entire right side of the body. Some areas of the face, hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, upper back, foot, shin, knee, hip and sometimes lower back.
The pain is always present, 24 to 24 hours, as if I "fry" the nerves, a feeling like when you're under the power lines and feel that buzz ... but the buzz you have it located in those parts of the body, and it hurts. The muscles are stiff, arm and leg are weaker and there is one thing that makes me go crazy: it seems to constantly wear a sleeve and a sock too tight , two sizes too small. The sense of compression is horrible and hard to explain, because at the same time it seems that the arm and leg swell outward. Even the feeling of chest compression is a bad thing, as if pushed a hand between her shoulder and breast and another on the shoulder blade.
There are good days, good days and fewer days of shit: the good days walk quite well, moving well hand and arm, I am very tired, his face has a slight tingling and "sleeves and socks" are not too tight. In the days not so good I
stiffens the ankle and shin, incricca is a bit 'hip and limp, the hand is rather rigid, as well as the shoulder. The tightness is at a fairly high level, tingling the face is annoying. I can not stand lying on the right side, on which the usual sleep, why does an evil beast. I get tired after walking distance or just after loading the dishwasher.
In the days of shit every time I load the weight on the leg right side, a discharge from the heel to the hip. Use a stick to help me walk, so I download a bit 'of weight and feel less pain. The hand is very hard to keep it open and I keep resting somewhere, but if I keep it open as the dog makes a bad shoulder. The "sleeve" and "socks" are intolerable, and the right half of the face is as if it were heavier than the left. Every now and get twinges at random: foot, hand, hip, shoulder and forearm. Where it happens, it happens. I get tired just get out of bed in the morning.
There is no way to predict when it will be a good day and when not. A little 'depends on time, as the Grannies arthritic. I'm not kidding, just as the Grannies with arthritis.
humidity and wind do not love me.
But I noticed that the days when the pains are stronger ones are not damp or wet, even if those are bad days: the worst are those serene but windy.


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